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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by Dreamerwolf, May 30, 2020.

  1. Dreamerwolf

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    Hi, newbie question here... is there a guide where you can look up the current prices of pins for collectors? Like to make sure you're paying a fair price for one you might find on ebay or something? Also, do you guys use ebay, or is it not trusted at all?

    Thanks, much appreciated.
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  2. akarih

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    There's no one place for current prices but you can ask around here for ballpark prices or filter sold items on Ebay to see what those pins have sold for in the past. Personally, I avoid Ebay because there's a lot of bad apples on there but sometimes if it's the only place to get a pin I'll check on there.

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  3. starry_solo

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    No pin guides with prices.

    eBay sold
  4. Mcgilligan

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    I agree with Starry.

    Remember that the sale price of a pin is not necessarily what it will sell for.

    Fair prices depend on what you and others are willing to pay.
  5. swscref

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    I agree with Starry as well. In addition, it can sometimes be hard to determine a price if you have BIN auctions that are listed below what it might normally sell for. Prices fluctuate for various reasons in short spans of time, so it's best if you can find numerous sales to help determine current value.
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  6. rik1138

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    To see a true representation of the value of a pin, search eBay sold AUCTIONs... Turn off 'Buy it nows' and look only at normal auction that have more than one bid.
    That's a fair estimate of what the pin will be worth. It's usually a huge percentage lower than anyone listing them with 'buy it now' options. But the auctions are what show the price when true 'supply and demand' is used.
    You might be able to sell one for a higher price if you get lucky, and you might be willing to pay more for a pin, but BIN listings are never a good representative of true value of a pin.
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  7. Dreamerwolf

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    Thanks everyone for the advice!

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