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Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by akarih, Oct 23, 2019.

  1. akarih

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    This was posted on the pinpics forum yesterday! I have some actual hope now, at least we know they're working on it(kind of).[​IMG]

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  2. TonkaToy

    TonkaToy Si & Am Lover!

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    I have been able to log in for days now with no that's a start!
  3. figment919

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    Have been here before... we will see. I guess we should manage our expectations going forward. We all are so happy that we can just log-in now that we think its an accomplishment that the site is available lol!
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  4. noone

    noone Active Member

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    Am I the only one who reads the statement as fishing for someone to buy $$$ the website???
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  5. akarih

    akarih Resident "Young Person"

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    The thing is pinpics forum has very few users so I don't think it would be a very effective way to search for a buyer
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  6. starry_solo

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    I've heard of at least one person offering to buy it

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