Pins with Green Corrosion - Any Ideas?

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by Patrick, Jul 12, 2019 at 3:48 PM.

  1. Patrick

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    Recently I purchased a framed pin set that I’ve eyed for years... after finding it for a really good price. When it arrived, I decided to unframe the pins so they could be kept safe with my whole collection as I’m not really concerned with resale value

    Unfortunately, after taking them off the matting, I found they all of them have some form of green corrosion and a residual glue from how they had been framed. (Thanks for that one, Disney.)

    I searched the forum and found a few posts on cleaning pins, but none that mentioned a green residue. I’m not sure if this is considered rust or something else? Any ideas on if it’s possible to remove the green corrosion? And it is safe to keep these with my other pins?


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  2. TonkaToy

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  3. pretty Omi

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    It reminds me of the same residue that grows on pennies. Maybe something for cleaning that up (like a coin collector tip) would be able to be applied here?

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  4. swscref

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    I have seen this before and it is definitely a corrosion. Don't recall what I cleaned it with (maybe jewelry cleaner), but after cleaning it off I noticed it had eaten through the plated finish in that area. The thing with vinegar, as noted above, is that it will dull the plated finish wherever it sits.
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  5. dancecats

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    I was thinking the same thing. Maybe try consulting with someone who sells coins, either in person or online, or asking a jeweler?
  6. momin.ator

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    My Dad used lemon juice to clean pennies.

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