Pixar Pals Parking Structure Review

Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by pincrazy, Jul 6, 2019.

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    Mom and I tried the new addition yesterday.
    We entered through Mickey and Friends, directed to Mickey floor, but as you go to the farthest lane to the connection between the 2 buildings the crossover is open. Knowing that the loading for both is on the Pixar side we parked in the new area. There seemed to be plenty of spots, but No Handicap area noticed.

    Great addition, 3 larger elevators! It empties out to the escalator area and the gates closest are for exiting only. Security is now the area closer to between both structures. It's not any faster to get checked through though.

    Major problem is if you need a Restroom break before getting on/off tram there aren't any at PIXAR! You need to run over to the Mickey structure.

    Once checked through loading is straight across, but for the ADA Van it's on the farthest left loading and unloading. Drop offs at DTD are the same as earlier.

    When leaving the crossover to Mickey was closed off and a different exit, which takes you around down to Magic Way, across from the old DTD parking entrance. For those commuting to hotels around the area it's definitely more convenient, but for trying to get to
    the freeway on ramps/bridge it's definitely more time consuming and with more traffic can be frustrating.

    My review is: it's nice to have more options for parking! But not as well designed for convenience other than an extra elevator. There are 5 on each floor, but 2 don't unload at the tram side, I'm guessing other 2 go to the street, which is on the other side of the gated area, so if you need to get to the trams you need to go back up and take the other elevators. The trams run between and CMs won't let you walk through. Hope this makes sense.
    Yay more parking!
    Boo no restrooms!:stitch:
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    I also noticed that there were no handicap spots. How can they add 5,000 slots and no new handicap? Since they started construction and moved the trams to the old Chip and Dale, they have not had the same amount of handicap as before. And the spots were always full and clearly necessary. When I come by myself to get pins, I really need a close spot, and the lack of handicap spots really sucks. I can't just go to Pin Traders anymore either because the Simba lot is also really far away when you struggle to walk. I can't believe that they added 5,000 spots and it's still about going around and around in circles until someone leaves and you're there to get the spot instead of someone else. There has got to be a better way!!!
    Agree on the restroom comment too. Wish Disney would clarify if one is coming.
  3. dancecats

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    I was just at Disneyland yesterday and parked in Mickey & Friends for the first time in what seems like ages. Until the construction, I would have parked there without thought, but with the chaos, it just was easier to park in Toy Story.

    My thoughts: I really like the addition of the green/red lights. My biggest complaint about parking in Mickey & Friends (especially when there were no CMs directing traffic) was that I never knew which rows had available spots, or when I found a spot farther back in a row, whether I should take it or if there was a better spot closer to the front. I can't tell you how many times I've had to circle that structure just trying to park my car, especially when I had my mum with me (she didn't mind walking around the park, but wanted to park as close to the front as humanly possible).

    The only thing I couldn't figure out was how to access the Pixar Pals structure. I was figuring there was another entrance somewhere, maybe on a different street, but what you're saying @pincrazy is that you enter both structures through the same entrance? And once you've scanned your pass/paid ... if you parked in Mickey & Friends, you would go off to the right and Pixar Pals, you would go off to the left (on ground level)? Or do you have to still go off to the right (after scanning your pass/paying), go up to a level (Mickey, for example), and then drive across to the connecting Pixar Pals structure?

    Also, what are the pros/cons to parking in Mickey & Friends vs. Pixar Pals?
  4. Shelterkat

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    The whole thought of that gives me anxiety Dancecats:p I haven't parked there in years. I love parking in Toy Story. It's just so easy and quick. :D
  5. Jabberwocky

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    The CM's have it set up so that they decide when they are routing you into Pixar Pals or you get to stay in Mickey & Friends. They seem to be trying to fill up the new structure first/most early in the day, then later you may have more choice of whether you stay in M&F or drive across (each level connects at the far end) to PP.

    PP is MUCH MUCH darker and the ceilings seem lower. The row numbering doesn't make much sense (40's, 50's, etc. vs. 4 and 5). There are no restrooms in this building. Those red/green lights are not working in PP yet.
    However, PP is closer to the security line if you are taking the tram and closer to the walkway to DTD if you are walking.
  6. pincrazy

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    It seems it depends on when you park at the structures. I'm am only entering from Mickeys entrance due to coming off the 5 south, but I'm guessing the Pixar structure has their Magic Way open as well.
    My first post was on an afternoon and after paying just directed to whichever floor they were using. The only CMs were directing on 1st floor, after the ramp up, then it was a free for all, wherever you wanted to park.(Hope this makes sense)
    Next time was earlier, and we were directed within Mickey and Friends, and CMs were directing parking spots.
    Past week we were mid day, and they were directing traffic over to Pixar side, not allowing in Mickey and Friends side.

    Pros with Mickeys(for me) restrooms, handicap parking, ramp access to 5 north when leaving
    Pros with Pixar(for me) more parking spaces, 1 extra elevator(3 total), closer for using the handicap van entrance/exit(mom is in pushwheelchair)

    Con Mickeys (for me)-usually seems to be 1st choice for most cars so it's crowded, less elevators, little farther to walk to get to security check
    Con Pixar(for me) as mentioned above it's darker, seems they used the budget for lighting downstairs in the tram/van loading/unloading area. The parking spaces seem closer together, no handicap parking spaces, so I need to find a spot that has extra allowance on passenger side, so mom can get out. If they block exiting through the Mickey structure, and exit only through Pixar, exiting is on Magic Way, and 2 signals to get to Disney Drive plus more traffic and congestion(takes at least 20+ minutes longer) to get to the same exit for Mickeys. No access to the bridge overpass of Ball Road.
    Hope this helps (just my perspective for personal convenience) :stitch:
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  7. dancecats

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    Makes perfect sense @Jabberwocky @pincrazy thanks for the feedback, it's very helpful. I ended up going later in the afternoon, on a whim, so I was entirely directed by traffic cones once I had my pass scanned by a CM. I was 'directed' up to Mickey - and while I wondered why the level seemed relatively empty, I figured it must be a combination the reported under attendance in the parks (which is a major reason I decided to go that day) and Disney's incomprehensible control of traffic flow patterns and decisions to open/close floors in its structures. I didn't give it too much thought; I was just happy that I was able to find a close spot very easily (thank you green/red lights!) Although now, I'm wondering if that's more a product of Disney filling PP earlier in the day and allowing late(r) arriving guests their choice of Mickey & Friends or Pixar Pals?
  8. pincrazy

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    It'll be interesting starting Monday since some of the blockouts are lifted. After Labor day the parks will be somewhat back to normal, if everyone has kept their APs, and definitely mid September for the Halloween festivities. We'll see how parking gets organized once that happens, definitely will be more cars. Love that there is a 2nd structure, it was crowded enough during the GE reservation period, as you mentioned going around in circles trying to find a spot, since the structure opened at 5am. That was also before the handicap area on 1st level wasn't open yet.
    I will update here if I notice a difference.
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