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    Contacting Moderators:

    In addition to posting general questions, comments, or suggestions in the Help Desk forum, Disney Pin Forum members may also choose to privately message forum moderators.

    Any member who wishes to contact us privately may do so by e-mailing

    Members may also send a private message to one of the current moderators: Cicada, Bricklayer, TheGrimGrinner, dancecats or thejessta

    All messages are responded to as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience while waiting for a response.

    Reporting posts:

    Any member with concerns about a specific post may choose to report it to moderators by clicking the Report Post icon ([​IMG]) located in the bottom left corner of that post. The member will then be able to write a brief message as to why they have chosen to report the post.

    Reasons for reporting posts can span from excessive rudeness, to double-posts, or spam. The Disney Pin Forum moderators do their best to read every post created, but it is the members of DPF and their support of the community that help keep the forums clear of unnecessary posts and especially spam.

    All reported posts will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and may be edited or removed as moderators see fit.

    Thanks again for being a member of Disney Pin Forum and supporting the Disney pin trading and collecting community!
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    Hi folks!

    I think this message bears repeating. Posts can be reported for any number of reasons by clicking on the little triangle that appears underneath overy post. A message will be sent to us for review, and we may take action ifs necessary.

    Also, remember that you can contact any of the site admins or mods, now including myself and Dancecats.

    We're always here to help, and only a PM away!

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    Bumping for a brief reminder!

    Please feel free to report posts for any reason including spam, harrasment, foul language, improper sales/auction listing, and the list goes on and on....... Pretty much, if you think one of us should take a look at it, report it! This is extremely helpful to your entire support staff, because even though there are four of us, it is still difficult to review every post. Don't assume that we see everything, make us aware! I personally am working 13 hours a day, 6 days a week at the moment, so time on DPF is pretty much purely catching up on moderating duties. If I don't know a problem exists because someone has made me aware of it, I probably don't tknow it's there. So take it upon yourself! I know most of our staff is also quite busy at the moment, so we all share the same sentiments. Thank you all for helping out r community thrive!

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