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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by Vasti Carrion, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. Vasti Carrion

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    How did you "get into" pin-trading? Was it the company (character's) or the pins? Would you collect pins if they were not Disney?

    How many collections do you own?
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  2. Abyssinian28

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    Oh, Gosh. Let me think...

    I've always liked pins, to an extent. I've gathered a small amount from places I've traveled and events I've attended. My first Disney pin was a Tinker Bell that Disney store released pre-official pin trading. But I don't know that I would have gotten into it full-scale without the drive behind Disney pin trading.

    For about 6 years (2000-2006), I would just buy a character I liked every time I went to the park, and my hubby bought me some DLR releases on eBay. Meanwhile, there was this whole online segment of pin selling and trading that I didn't even know about! Entire pin events went by that I didn't even know about...and I live in Orlando! I'm not sure how it escaped my attention for so long (I was pretty deep into anime/manga fandom at the time, which might explain it). Someone told me about PTN, and from then on, I was into it full blast!

    I like the characters/themes, the chase, and the fact that they're little pieces of animated art (my degree is actually in traditional animation, even though I don't really do anything with it).

    How many collections? Pin collections? A ton of Disney (main ones are Tinker Bell, Jessica, Duffy, Tower of Terror, Princesses, Chip and Dale, SEA, and some Stitch). I also collect Tokidoki, Ghibli, and Japan pins. My other collections that aren't pins are Disney LE dolls, Tokidoki Unicornos, doujinshi, comic books/manga...some Pops. Duffy and friends, as well.
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  3. Gelatoni

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    I've always been a bit of a pack rat + collector. Hong Kong Disneyland changes their Times Guides every week so after becoming a Magic Access member I would try to go at least once a week.
    Eventually, I would be going into the park but not really feel like going on any rides so I began trading pins with CMs. I started by buying a few starter sets and trading for anything and everything. When I would get home, I would catalogue these to learn how to identify fakes/scrappers. After a couple of months, I was pretty confident in my ability to identify potential fakes and began to develop a taste for pins.

    I started by collecting Gelatoni because he's my favorite character that actually has pins. Since that was a bit restrictive, I've eventually expanded to Tsum Tsums, attractions, StellaLou, Cookie and princesses to make it easier to trade with people. I also collect pins for events that I've been to so I don't feel like I have to think too much about souvenirs.
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  4. Ajk

    Ajk Consider home...

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    For me it was the pins. I like collecting stuff in general and when pin trading first took off, I got excited by the collecting aspect of it. And I like that it gives me something extra to do in the parks (especially HM hunting). I'm also a Disney fan so certainly the company is part of it. But really nobody else has quite the level of pins available to collect.
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  5. tiffychann

    tiffychann Well-Known Member

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    I used to have a Disneyland AP and would go every month. It was a tradition to buy one pin per visit. They were small and I liked that they were souvenirs that wouldn’t take up too much space. I didn’t buy much online and I only traded small pins with CMs. Only time I bought online was when something from Paris came out and I had no other way of getting it. Back then I didn’t know it was possible to trade online or go to the parks to trade.

    I stopped renewing the AP once I got deep into high school because I got too swamped with school to think about going. High school was a stressful time looking back. I then went to college far away and forgot I even had pins.

    After 5 years being away from home I moved back and while cleaning out old stuff I rediscovered my pin collection and remembered how much I missed it. This was about 10 years after I stopped renewing the AP and the tradition stopped. I got curious to see how much pins have changed and what has come out since I stopped and it didn’t take long scrolling through pinpics to get me sucked back in again. I discovered online trading and the idea seemed really neat and that’s how I got back into it.

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  6. shooting4ownhand

    shooting4ownhand Well-Known Member

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    I started in 2012. I wanted to collect everything related to Brave. I still have a handful of Merida pins but I ended up not liking most of the pins. I went to grad school right after undergrad when I shouldn't have. I really hated the program I was in. I started studying the history and making of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs for fun. Ended up completely falling in love with the movie and started trading for those pins. I have a handful of pins from my favorite movies but my main collections are Snow White and Walt Disney. I started studying Walt Disney and Disney history during grad school. I really love the Christmas pins so I started collecting those last year. I study Colonial and Revolutionary America so I collect pins associated with that. I have 2 big collections and a lot of small collections.

    I started collecting pins because I liked the characters. I don't own many pins that are not Disney related. I do collect other things outside of Disney but not to many pins. I do have a handful of non-disney buttons. I love buttons and will honestly buy any cute ones I find. Outside of pins, my biggest collection would probably be funko pops or books. Do books count? I feel like they should...
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  7. Randakinskywalker

    Randakinskywalker Well-Known Member

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    I saw the traders set up outside the Disneyland trading post on my first visit in 2002, and spent way too long ogling over their pins, specifically Jessica. Bless their souls for letting a seven year old who had nothing to trade touch all of their pins lol.

    That said, that was unfortunately the only time I ever met friendly traders in DLR. ): The others I saw were always kind of snippy or offered trades that even a younger me knew was shady. I traded sparingly with CMs. Didn't officially get into trading till I came to WDW, where lanyards are practically part of the uniform, and I found the traders there to be way more community centered vs value centered.

    Obviously this is stereotyping DLR traders and not all DLR traders are like this, but they weren't as kind to a naive trader as the Epcot traders were.

    Mostly traded with CMs or online till I went to my first event last year, and things grossly snowballed from there lol. Been to every Disney event since, and almost every monthly local event since.

    As for collections:

    1. Oswald
    2. Ducks
    3. Kylo/SW
    4. Pets
    5. HM/Mystery sets
    6. Small World
    7. Tiki Room
    8. Spaceship Earth
    9. Mickey/Minnie pairs
    10. Attractions
    11. Extinct attractions
    12. Tiana
    13. Fantasmic
    14. Pirates
    15. Disney hotels/restaurants
    16. CM stuff
    17. Bolos
    18. Jessica and Roger
    19. Robin Hood
    20. Hunchback of Notre Dame
    21. Walt Disney
    22. Misc
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  8. TheMickeyMouseRules

    TheMickeyMouseRules Cat Expert Mouse Authority and Paperfolder

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    Umm, my start is not pretty for people who love Disneyland.

    ****you have been warned of negative comments re DLR in upcoming post, continue at your own risk****

    Here goes...

    Basically... I didn't like Disneyland. Couldn't stand it. It was crowded (mob scene crowded/dangerous crowded/Bourbon St at Mardi Gras Crowded) and I absolutely disliked taking my small child though those crowds. And it was dark at night (and it seemed like the crowds grew exponentially at night, so dark and crowded. Ugh!) I would grip her hand soooo very tight so we would not get separated. I just thought it was pretty awful to charge so much for access and then have the experience be miserable (because of the crowds/lines/rude people.)

    Anyway, people around me routinely wanted to go to DLR and I was desperate to find ways to make the expensive/crowded/line waiting/miserable experience fun, so I did some research and found pin trading (and a few other ideas... which I also implemented.) I discovered I love the hunt for pins in the park. (I do wish quality pins were just slightly easier to find, but I will go multiple days at DLR and only find scrappers (when I started, I traded for the scrappers and the sets I completed are still part of my collection, but I have all the scrappers I will ever need, so I really just look for current HMs.)) (I also discovered days which were less crowded and I still spend a lot of time in DCA, since it is on average, less crowded than DL.)

    It took about a year to discover the LE and LR pins and then mystery boxes. DSSH pins and low edition pins were about 2 years in.

    I collect (in order collection was started): Mickey, Hidden Mickeys, Cheshire, Maleficent, DLR 60th, Star Wars, Cutie Villains, Characters in Costume, Moana
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  9. Gelatoni

    Gelatoni Member

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    I agree with you about the traders at DLR. I've met quite a few in the hotel and frontierland that took advantage of people or acted a bit condescending. But I've also met some who were very reasonable and everyone on this forum that I've met in real life has been very nice. The trading community in Hong Kong which by extension includes a lot of traders from Shanghai and Japan is way nicer.
  10. cyke23

    cyke23 Well-Known Member

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    I bought a few Cyclops (my avatar) pins from the mid-90s and still have them. Then in 2001, I saw the villains bad boys and the villains bad girls pins at Disneyland. They both came in a black velvet box each, and I had to have them as the perfect souvenirs. (Villains, and specifically Maleficent, are my main collection.) The next year, I went to WDW, and at Epcot, they were selling pins left over from the princess ball event (which I didn't know pin events existed and found out later). I bought Philip, Adam, Florian, Aladdin, Eric, Charming....still have them on the 1st pin lanyard I made and wore to the parks. I didn't think myself a pin collector at that point, only that I owned several pins, and I was spending all my money on comic books. Then came Disneyland's 50th anniversary, and the flood gates opened. I wanted all that gold gold gold and still love my collection and continue to find pins from this event. Then early 2010s, I started to buy less comic books and more pins, and I have been obsessive ever since.

    In addition to the 3 mentioned above, I collect Haunted Mansion, Star Wars, DL 60th, Marvel, Mickey Mouse icon, and Jack Skellington.
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  11. Randakinskywalker

    Randakinskywalker Well-Known Member

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    It's such a shame, because DLR gets all the nice pins, but I suppose that's why many of them seem to get a complex. There's this attitude of 'my pins are better than yours'. Yeah, no @$%& sherlock, you have three exclusive locations that sell LE 400 or lower. It's not the east coast's fault Disney doesnt think we're worth the time of day, work with us pls.

    The upside is that while some DLR traders are being snobs, WDW is getting all the international traders to make up for the lack of low LEs. ;P The Tokyo and UK traders I've met have been so wonderful and work with you till everyone is happy. Paris is hit or miss but I've been shocked by the generosity of some of them.

    Of course, all this proves it that theres always good and bad apples in the trading bunch, but DLR seems to have some rotten trees that produce more than their fair share of bad apples. Again, absolutely no shade intended towards any of the DLR traders here, you're all lovely and very kind and just being from DLR doesn't make you a bad trader, I'm just salty because that's where I've gotten snubbed most often lol. All I can remember is the times where I was like 12 or 15 and people were outright rude to me just because I wanted to look at their pins.
  12. Taz_Hokie

    Taz_Hokie Member

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    My first time to a Disney park was rather late in life, my family (uncles/aunts/cousins) decided to spend Thanksgiving in Orlando one year (we’re mostly from Virginia) back in 2012. I had no idea about Disney pins at the time, however my sister had gotten her children a handful of pins from Amazon for them to trade (unfortunately these were probably scrappers, but I didn’t what that at the time). I really enjoyed watching my my niece and nephew (6 and 8) trade with cast members so I bought a few pins at the shops. After I came home from that trip, I discovered this pin forum and just how many pins were actually out there. I quickly learned that I couldn’t collect them all and had to narrow my focus. I have met so many great people through this hobby, meeting several that I would consider family at this point, traveling to foreign countries to hang out with them. Heck, I even attended a wedding of a friend that I met on this site. For me, the friendships I’ve made are worth more to me than the pins now, but the pins are what allowed me to meet them.
  13. firechief18

    firechief18 Active Member

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    My first pin I traded for led to a 12 year quest to complete the set. During the quest found out that the pin was part of two separate sets. 7 dwarfs pick set and 7 dwarfs music set.


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