Shop Disney pin sale great for lanyard traders!

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by pretty Omi, Dec 27, 2020.

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    Everyone is always asking where they can get cheap official Disney pins for trading on Cast Lanyards.
    Right now Shop Disney is having their “twice upon a year sale”, and they have a number of 3 pin sets marked down to just under $9, making them less than $3 per pin!
    You can also combine your Disney Visa 10% off with this sale, and there’s free shipping over $75 as well.


    These would make great lanyard traders because they’re all characters that are fairly popular, and kids would enjoy as well!

    There is also a handful of LE pins for under $10, which might be suitable for lanyard trading if you’re someone who likes to leave something really good behind every once in a while!
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    Excellent advice for park traders. And if I may add:
    • Today these sets are an extra 20% off... use code 'Disney20'.
    With 20% off, for the 3 pin sets the cost of each trader is ~$2.40. (The 2 pin sets are also a good deal, but the 3 pin sets give you the most bang for your buck.)
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