Sketches finally done for all the Disney Villain tarot cards

Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by TornadoTitan, Jun 30, 2018.

  1. TornadoTitan

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    I was able to finish the rest of the cards the other day so all 22 cards of the Major Arcana are done, a lot of the characters changed card positions from my original idea but I hoped it made them fit the symbolism for each card better. Next when I have time I will need to start doing clean lineart over the cards then move on to coloring.

    I will be vending my art at AnthroCon, San Diego Comic Con, BronyCon, Animanga, WorldCon, San Japan, and Baltimore Comic Con coming up if you wanted to see these concept cards or get any of my pins and art.


    Here is the detail of the newer cards.


    I also updated my Instagram username to be @crownedpins and you can also follow my future pin designs on Twitter as well at @CrownedPins
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  2. LittleBird

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    Oh, my gosh. They are all inspired but the Hanged Man... that's genius.
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  3. Tokaji

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    These are awesome!
  4. AlaskanMalamute

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    Wow! Very nice. Your titan mock ups on your IG are amazing as well! Great job. If you don’t mind me asking how easy is the process of turning your fantasy art into pins?
  5. Ajk

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    Really nice!
  6. katelouise

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    Love these! Especially the tower
  7. coblj003

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    Wow, such an awesome set, when can we order the fantasy pins...
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  8. DeputyDonald

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    I’m not into Tarot but dang those are amazing! Great job!
  9. Tokaji

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    Or the actual deck! :)
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  10. xdattax

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    Yeah. Need some of those as pins. Frollo, Maleficent, Hades, Facilier.

    Shame Vanessa didn’t make the cut, though. I’m sort of feeling drawn to her as a villain.
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  11. Ryan

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    oh man!! these are amzing!
  12. CCofRR13

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    I have to say it again...we really need a "Holy Freakin' Cow" button added ~ these are incredible!!!!
  13. MerlinEmrys

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    Geebus those are good....
  14. Booger1964

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    Great artwork!
  15. Sami

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    These are awesome! I wants >.>

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  16. Nasubionna

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    Oh wow, these are so, SO cool! Tarot decks are no small undertaking (I've tried my hand at a few fan-themed decks myself), and these look fantastic. Great art style, keeping it consistent from card to card, great character likenesses and really clever character/card assignments! Nice work!
    Will you be doing the minor arcana as well? Either way, I look forward to seeing these progress into their final colored form!
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  17. xdattax

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    So are these available as the major aracana pack I see on your IG at SDCC? Because, I’ll wing you that money for these as cards.

    Still want pins though.
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  18. dancecats

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    These. Are. Genius. Seriously amazing.

    Some of the character/card assignments I understood immediately. Others, I had to ponder for awhile before I understood why you designated him/her to that particular card. And there are a few others that, even now, while I instinctively know that they work, I don't fully understand the card yet.

    Not only can I not wait to see these cards completed, I hope you finish the rest of the minor arcana. This should be fantastic when done, I think you're off to an unbelievable start.
  19. onethousandallinblue

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    These are amazing! You are very talented :)
  20. Nicole_W22

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    These are so amazing! The detail and design work is unbelievable!!

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