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Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by Redrose, May 28, 2018.

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    Any Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom players in here ?

    I have never played and I am looking to learn as much as I can about the game before my Feb 2020 trip. I am hoping it will still be around as I missed playing my last two trips.

    Thank you for looking at this post!
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    I played in when I was last there. It was a fun little extra thing to do after hitting all the rides, when we had a few minutes before a dinner reservation, etc.

    You start at the fire station on the left when you enter the park. They will set up the game on your magic band (one per group since it's just to trigger the game), give you a map that shows where the magic widows are, and provide a pack of five cards to each person. (You can get another pack of cards each day as long as you played once, so you can collect the cards without doing a ton of playing if interested. They also will trade the cards with you so you can get rid of duplicates, or just try other cards if interested.) They'll also give you a quick set of instructions and demo the game.

    Once ready, you head to your first window, which I believe is always just across the way at the mercantile. Go to the spot and you will see a metal circle on the ground showing where to stand and a place on the wall for you to wave your magic band. When you do, the window starts to play a video. Basically, you are trying to stop the villains from doing bad stuff. You get a short video progressing the story and then need to fight a henchman or villian. When it is time for your attack(s), you hold up a card to the screen and you will see an animation relevant for your character. Regardless of whether your attack was successful or not, you will be instructed to go to another window. When you get to the next window, you either continue the fight if not successful before, or the story continues.

    Some other insights:

    1. Each portion of the story keeps to a particular land. So, for instance, you might have a storyline involving Cruella where you might have to fight her henchmen a couple of times and then fight her. So let's say that story has 4 scenes/windows you need to go to. And it was the one you started at the mercantile. All four of those will take place at various windows on main street. They are not going to start you on main street, send you to adventureland, then over to tomorrowland, etc. At least until you are done with Cruella. Once that happens, then they send you to another land.
    2. The videos are only a couple of minutes and it doesn't take too long to get from one window to another in the same land, so a particular part of the story might take about 15 minutes or so. (Depending on whether or not you have to wait for other people in front of you at the window you need, etc.) That, combined with knowing which land is next, makes it convenient to plan. We often did something like "Let's head to Tomorrowland, jump on Buzz Lightyear, and then do the sorcerers until our Space mountain Fast Pass".
    3. The map of the windows seems to be just an artistic rendering approximating things, but it is actually very accurate. If the map says a window should be in a particular location, it's there. Just look harder.
    4. Most of the windows are outside, but some are inside (a store, restaurant, etc).
    5. You can choose to play easy, medium, or hard (they set it at the fire station). The main difference is how much you actually need to think strategically about which cards to use. For us, the fun is with the storyline and video affects, so we had it on easy so we didn't have to think about it (and spend more time with the battles due to not picking the "right" card, etc).
    6. Each character's card has a different video affect. Again, for us, seeing those was the main attraction. So we would pick the cards to use based on which sounded like a fun affect to see (which we couldn't do as much if we were not on easy mode). We did find we had more cards than times at the windows (because we weren't constantly playing) so we picked and chose which to use.
    7. VERY IMPORTANT - If it is sunny, and you are outside, and you hold up just one card, the camera that determines you have a card up (and which one) can't always make it out due to how thin the cards are. This will be very frustrating! So learn from our experience - hold up the whole pack all aligned with the one you want to use on top. The ones behind will make it thick enough so the sun doesn't go through and register it properly.

    Have a great time!!
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    Additional insights:

    8. A few of the locations (I don't recall which ones offhand, I think they're in Adventureland?) provide light so the cameras can identify the card(s) you are playing. If you are playing at twilight (unless this has been fixed?), the combination of the naturally diminishing sun plus the provided light sometimes will not be sufficient for the camera to recognize that you have played a card at all. As a result, you'll end up getting passed on to the next portal to try again. In my experience, the best way to fix this during that awkward time is to provide the extra light with your phone's flashlight. Just illuminate the card and you should get through without any (additional) problems.

    9. I know it seems weird, but how you hold the cards matters. Learn from my mistakes and subsequent SOTMK failures. I used to hold the cards up to the screen/camera by the sides and sometimes, it wouldn't register that I was showing a card. I would blame the camera as I would get sent to another portal to complete that particular mission, puzzled as the next person was able to sail through the portal that gave me so many problems with no effort at all. I found out later that the camera identifies which spell (card) you are casting (holding) by the swirls/decorations on the top and sides. If the camera can't see the designs, it can't identify the card you want to play and as a result, not register a card as being played. I was advised to always hold the cards by the bottom, unless I wanted to put them into a book. Since then, I've never had the problem of a card not registering (for that reason).

    10. Every time you successfully use a spell, that spell gets stronger - and yes, the way that spell is executed on the screen will keep changing. On the easy level, I believe all spells are equally effective against all villains, but if you play on medium or hard, you'll have to selectively choose your spells (because you can choose incorrectly - and unless this has changed, an incorrectly chosen spell will weaken it). Also, if you are going to play on medium or hard, you will want to strengthen your spells before you do - and figure out which spells work in the best combinations for each villain (yes, you can and should combine them for the best results at the more challenging levels).

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