RAKed! Surprise RAK ATTACK!

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    Ok so I am late posting this... but I just got my computer back last night after a month of it being gone.

    So @starry_solo texted me... asking for my address saying she was getting ready for her christmas cards... which knowing her as I do... I didn't think anything of it. Although only 2 weeks later my husband brings in this huge box address to me... When he told me the name on the return label.. I have to admit I called her a few choice names. LOL...

    So since I run the rak and such.. I never expected to be RAKed myself.. well because let's face it even if I was nominated by every member except one... I would go with the one vote.. so to receive this box I was in shock.. although it took a little bit to figure out exactly what it was since Li forgot to include a card to tell me what was going on.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I told you HUGE and FULL!!!!!

    Up first came Li's gift @starry_solo
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I have never seen those mickey glasses.. and anyone who knows me.. knows I have a pair of mickey sunglasses that I wear.. while these are different they are still pretty cool.. she also managed to give me one of the few disney movies I do not own.

    Next came @MerlinEmrys
    Now we all know the magnificent wizard had to give up doing the WDW pickups.. however then Disney released this HM set... so I messaged him and asked if he saw these in the park if he could possibly pick them up and I would either pay for them or trade him something.. I never heard anything, so I figured he didn't have time yet.. since we all know how busy he is.. and lo and behold here is the ENTIRE set.. I squealed.

    @Tokaji was the next one I opened.
    I was suppose to buy this pin from him last summer, but ran into some financial issues so I told him to sell it to someone else. I was so shocked to see this pin. My husband and I had a loosely based UP themed wedding.. so this pin is so great.

    This amazing Walt pin that I did not have... which I am finding is getting harder. I have this really big board and I told my husband I need a bigger one.. he laughed until I showed him all the pins I had that didn't fit... so sooner or later I am getting a new board from him. Plus I love Target so the gift card is great.

    another awesome Walt pin. I am pretty sure I don't have this one, but even if I do.. I will love this one forever.

    Look at all this wonderful stuff. Now the Walt pins I love. I once had the mickey one.. but the mickey fell off and got lost so I was thrilled to add this back into my collection. Now I am not sure if he knew this or not but I am a stationary junkie. I have a serious addiction to stationary so the Toy Story flags are awesome. The candy did not last long.. I have to say my husband and I love trying new food from all over.. and these candies were pretty cool.

    We have all seen Nina make these really neat pin boards that are hidden in Disney clam shells. Well she did this one for me.. It is the sleeping beauty movie of course. However, somehow I missed getting the front of the case. I will have to take another picture. Plus this Walt pin I have never seen... plus this tink pin... now I am not a huge fan of Tink but this one is my birthstone (as I write this I am celebrating my birthday today..)

    Next up was @watzshakinbacon
    Erin knows my love of fun food so her package was full. Look at that beautiful Sleeping Beauty pin. I have admired from afar when that came out. Also that Maleficent pin is really cool. Also that cat stationary book is very neat. Plus look at all that candy. I am a little afraid of the leeche candy.. not sure what to expect.
    My husband stole Darkwing duck and my niece already took Pua... but I told them if they touch the Olaf tape I was breaking hands. Remember my stationary addiction..

    You all would think I would be done... but not yet...

    Up next is the cooky @timeerkat
    The love from Tessa is apparent here. This Daisy cupcake was not on my wants list... but knowing I am a baker she sent it.. I have a pin board in my kitchen for all the cake pins (I buy wedding cake fantasy pins from a user on etsy) and I realized my board is way bigger than there are pins... so my husband asked about cupcakes... now if you know me as a baker I HATE doing cupcakes.. they are so easy to overcook and have be dry so at least this Daisy pin is perfection. Yes that is another hidden mickey country bear pin.. but you can never deny Trixie love since she wants it so badly. The C3PO pin is really neat. I love the droids in the Star Wars movies. The Tiki Room pin holds a special place because my husband proposed inside the Tiki Room because he knows that and Mr. Lincoln are my favorite attractions at Disneyland.

    Now a name that I have not seen on the boards lately was the next one I opened up..
    Please pardon the background mess. David... omg that card was sooooo pretty. Plus 2 really pretty note pads. The blue tiger is soooo fuzzy. In the back is this really pretty cake server.. that says "Happiness is a piece of cake" It went right on display in my hutch. Plus look at all that candy.. the Little bars are sooooo good.. Have not tried any other.. Also these awesome UP chair buttons. So incredible.

    Ok Last package.. and it is from @summerskin
    Amanda.... um I have no words. First that BB9E keychain.. I freaked my husband out when I pushed the button and it made noise. Then look at those buttons. So freaking cute. Plus to top it off the UP house JUMBO.. I squealed. I see what the secondary market wants for that and so that was a pipe dream. Now I have it and I know it will be the centerpiece of my soon to be assembled UP house and chair board.

    I have to say you all made me cry. At least this time it was happy tears. Most know I have a bad hip and the month of October was rough on me and I was even back on crutches for a short while. My husband heard my cry in pain so he said he was nice to see happy tears. I have never felt so LOVED than I did that day when this arrived.

    As I told @Tokaji the day it arrived... "You all suck.. I love you... but you suck for making me cry" I will get you all at some point... some way.
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  2. Ksnuggles

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    Oh and another package arrived from @SoraPandora. I have not opened it yet.. but when I do I will add it to this
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  3. akarih

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    Awww congratulations, what an EXTREMELY well deserved RAK.

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  4. Blurkishgirl

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  5. Connies_Hobby

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    Congratulations... CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    WTG - DPF FAMILY I'm always saying THIS COMMUNITY ROCKS and Here's another example.

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  6. SoraPandora

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    So happy for you!!! With all the hard work you do for everyone on the forum, no one deserves a RAK attack more than you.

    Also, happy happy Birthday!!!

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  7. starry_solo

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    I was going to stick a Christmas card in there, but after I taped it up, I was like, crap....
  8. Shelterkat

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    We appreciate all you do for the community!:cheshire:
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  9. watzshakinbacon

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    Yay!! Congrats!! So well deserved!

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  10. momin.ator

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    You made me cry! :) Congrats, you really are awesome!
  11. chubs191

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    So, very absolutely deserved! Congrats, Kristina!
  12. theoucharis

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  13. TonkaToy

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    What a great haul. I am glad you liked it all! You DEFINITELY deserve it.
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  14. MerlinEmrys

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    No one deserves it more!! <3

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  15. fuzzybunny

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    congratulations on an awesome RAK box, you do so much for this community and others, love the UP house, I traded for that one this past summer, love it.
    Enjoy all your goodies from everyone that sent.
  16. SwindonTinkerbell

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    You deserve everything you received in your delivery you put so much time into this it’s time you were treated

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  17. dancecats

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    Congratulations @Ksnuggles - I completely agree with the DPF community on this one! I can't imagine what we would do without you and, as such, I can't think of anyone who deserves it more!
  18. summerskin

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    We all love you. So glad to see such a wonderful zap attack to you.
  19. CCofRR13

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    Wow - Congratulations - well deserved
  20. mickeymousje

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    That’s a amazing RAK! And you deserve this so much for everything you do for DPF <3

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