Zapped! That Stinker!


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Got home to an LBE that I wasn't expecting, but the stickers clued me in and I recognized the name immediately as coming from @NutMeg ! In fairness, she did warn me to expect something.


I could hear a telltale DVD rattle coming from inside.

The first thing I pulled out was this bag of deliciousness! Chocolate and peanut butter is my absolute favorite food combination, so now I'm set for...about five hours, LOL.


Next up was the source of the rattle. Someone's been snooping on my Secret Santa list! I had this marked down as one of the DVDs I want (I own it on VHS but haven't gotten the DVD so I haven't been able to watch it for quite awhile, and now I caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.)


Then there were these - something wrapped in bubble wrap and a puffyish envelope.


Inside the envelope were an incredibly sweet card with an incredibly sweet note (and HOLY DANG, Sarah has the most beautifully meticulous handwriting I have ever seen!) and stickers! For Inside Out and Hufflepuff and, most importantly, Leslie/April ones! I legit laughed out loud at the Perdvert one.


The bubble wrapped thang is this amazing Timon pin!


Thank you so much for this package of wonderfulness, Sarah! I absolutely cannot freakin' wait for your visit so the town can get Knoped and Ludgated!


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The Nefarious Nutmeg strikes again!!
Woot woot Simba’s Pride! Wanna know something insane? I own a copy of every printing of that movie on dvd and finally blu-ray... I promise I’m same
Enjoy your movie night and candy!

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