The good dinosaur!

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I got the cutest pin when I went to see The Good Dinosaur and the Downtown Disney AMC. I guess it's only usually for stubs members but they had a bunch extra!
Let me just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVED the movie! Reminds me of some of the movies when I was little like Balto! The pin is adorable it's pinpics # [h=3]Pin 112811 AMC Theaters - The Good Dinosaur - Arlo and Spot[/h]

i think this may have to be a new collection for me!

What did you think of the movie??


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As a Pixar fan, I feel bad for missing this movie in theaters. I saw Inside Out 3 times in theaters, but nobody ever wanted to see the Good Dinosaur with me, plus I needed to save money anyway, so I'm awaiting the DVD/bluray release. From what I've seen, the animation/scenery is positively gorgeous.
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