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Discussion in 'Pin Comparison' started by TonkaToy, Sep 25, 2019.

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    Think I got a fake! I am usually able to spot the scrappers and fakes, but this one threw me for a loop. The front looks great. Everything matches, it is a pin on pin (not usually faked - but some have), smooth edges, good weight. It is on an official card, with the correct price and UPC #. Has a FAC stamped on the card.

    Flip it over and I'm thinking "whoa, nooooo".

    Waffle border is atrocious. Top pin post is smaller than the bottom pin post. Official stamp looks off to me, and the word official is all messed up.

    I am wishing this to be terrible QA - but feel in my heart that it is a fake. Anyone have this pin that they purchased for comparison?

    The worst part is, I bought a pin lot of 20 pins and all but this one are good - it seems so weird that 19 pins are legit and only one fake.

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    Wow, I have learned from another member that they purchased this pin directly from the park. She sent me a photo of the back of her pin, and look:

    It is just like the one I have. So now signs point to this being a Quality Control issue...not a fake!

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    Most pins from Company D have not been faked. Like I can't think of anything other than the mystery boxes.
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    I'm starting to feel a lot better about this pin! LOL
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    Some of the CM Disneyland 2010 POM Retro series had fakes/overruns/production errors, whatever. 76072, 76073, 76075.

    I can't think of others off hand, but there might be something else.
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