Trading at Grand CA Hotel by Disneyland

Discussion in 'Pin Trading Gatherings' started by LadyBarclay, Nov 15, 2019.

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    So I went Thursday at 5 pm to see if there was still trading going on in the lobby of the Grand Californian Hotel in Anaheim. And there was! :) five cast members came out, (some had more than one lanyard with them) and were there for thirty minutes. And one of them told me they come out EVERY DAY at five pm!!!! So for those local to the area or visiting soon, you might want to check it out.

    Also, when I asked to check the back of a pin I was interested in, the CM handed it to me and said, "we don't have any fakes out here." Please note he was very polite about it!!! The typed word doesn't convey certain things, I want to clarify his politeness. But he gave me a little lesson in recognizing fakes, pulling out a fake pin from somewhere else and comparing the differences with that and the real pin I was looking at. He said they make sure to not bring out fakes on their lanyards. So it's encouraging to see cast members who know what to look for!

    Need to add that several traders had their pin bags with them, so I got in a little trading before the CMs even came out!
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    Mmmkay... :)

    (Nice idea but it's not true - I gave up on visiting there when I saw that their lanyards are usually filled with the same junk as the rest of the CM lanyards. And occasionally new hidden mickeys when a new wave hits. But I've gone multiple times when there's nothing worth trading for on any of their lanyards and turned around and left immediately. Also, they get immediately filled up with the scrappers that people trade them. So...)
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    Have gone several times, casts have new stuff and good stuff the problem is there is zero crowd control, expect pushing and shoving and kids being leveraged for pity access by sharks.

    Cast don’t care and it became so overwhelming we don’t even bother anymore. Kind of sad really. Some pin people suck.

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    I enjoyed this in the beginning, but when word got out, the masses came and it was unorganized. I'm glad you hit it on a good day!
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    The cast member who keeps this going has such a great attitude. He is kind and patient and tries to do it right. It is some of the guests attending who ruin it (and enough said about them.) I have attended this 'event' when I am in the area and have time at 5:00 PM. I have great trading days with the cast members attending and also days where I don't find a single pin to trade for. But I still check it out as part of my HM hunting, when I can.

    And I will also say, I wish Disneyland Resort would have more little pockets like this for trading.
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    I was there in October and the first day I went, this was what I experienced but the other days weren't so bad. And, I just gently nudged the sharks aside when they tried to cut! I managed to get some great pins the first day and last day but the others were meh.

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    As mentioned above, the regulars have discovered this location and is frustrating with them watching for Anything New! It gets immediately swooped in and traded, but if you're looking for older hidden Mickey series you'll probably find it there.

    Sadly it depends on if the hotel CMs get to participate, lately it's the security that helps out, and on Thursday's the Bell Service is there as well, since that's usually the main turnout due to pin releases. Also he's the one that got it restarted as a regular event.:stitch:
    Traders bring their pinfolio so if the CM trading isn't that great there's usually others on the side trading.
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