Trying my InkTense pencils for the first time . . . Pin Board decor!

Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by stratasfan, Aug 25, 2019.

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    Trying my InkTense pencils for the first time! I got these a while back but have been sort of nervous to try. Then, a few days ago, I realised that the colours I have would do Kevin perfectly! :D So, I tried them!

    Here is Kevin - my first project - completed. He is about 10" tall, I think. I am going to cut out around him, leaving just a border of unpainted paper.

    InkTense pencils are made by Derwent, and are actually pencils that are ink pigment. So, you sketch your drawing, and then colour it kind of like coloured pencils. You colour faintly for paler areas, and colour heavily for bolder areas. You can layer by using multiple colours on top of each other to give different colours, etc. Also, like on Kevin's tummy - you can put one colour on one part, another colour on the opposite part, and blend together.

    Then, when it is all penciled in . . . you ink it by using a brush in water. The dryer the brush, the less bold colour and more pencil look remaining. The more water, the bolder the colour and the more inky-watercolour look.


    I so enjoyed Kevin, thta I thought I would try something for Sis, as she wanted something for her board. Being a B&tB nut, she really wanted something themed B&tB . . . so the stained glass rose!

    I drew the larger one, and then decided to draw another in a different size, and she could pick. (Then I filled the paper area with a Lion King drawing!).

    The larger rose is coloured like the stained glass window in the movie finale. The smaller is coloured more like the real rose (red v. pink) with the blue "dome" behind it.

    For the larger rose, the window is pale green with a little dark green on top and the rose stem and leaves are dark green with a little pale green on top. The rose petals are fuschia with a little poppy red on top.


    So, I am super happy with these! The Green rose is about 6" tall, I think.

    So, anyone ever used any InkTense pencils before? I'd never heard of them until I went into Blick a while back to get myself another HB pencil. I typically just draw with pencils, and typically just people or plants. Colour is not my strong suit, so I don't often even look, but these intrigued me! I originally got them wiht the idea of using the brown to create a sepiz portrait. I hadn't thought of Disney-art pin board decorations!

    Just dying to try another! But I wanted to share these now!
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    Those are really pretty! Great job!

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    I looooove the ink tense! They’re so vibrant. Great job!!
  4. starry_solo

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    Never heard of InkTense but that sounds interesting.

    Great pix!
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    LOVE Kevin ~ Really nice!!!!
  6. momin.ator

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    Great job. Those are lovely.
  7. Ajk

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    Very nice! Thanks for sharing.
  8. Hatchaway

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    So beautiful!
  9. stratasfan

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    Well, I've been doing some more of these! Figure I am going to make a bunch and use these to include in pin trades! :) Here are some of my newly finished ones. Still have a bunch in the works that are coming, but wanted to share these! Haven't cut the Chip and Dale one out yet. I am doing the Mickey Selfie too. :)


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