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Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by chubs191, Jul 26, 2018.

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    I'm so proud of the company I work for today. Did you know that China has stopped the acceptance of recycled plastic around the world? So, all the recycled plastic packaging comes directly from them. There's also more than 4 billion tons of plastic thrown away (not recycled) each year. Every time a company makes a move to reduce plastic in their products, I am humbled.

    Also, as a note, if you disagree with these practices, please be patient with all CMs throughout this process. If you genuinely have productive suggestions, it would be best to email guest services.
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    I am so incredibly proud of Disney. This is awesome. That's a huge step from a major corporation. <3
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    I'm just amused because there was just a notice yesterday on Facebook that they started stocking a bunch of pins with plastic sleeves (like WDI or DSSH pins). Supposedly, this is because of theft and/or to put labels for choking hazards. So they are removing a lot of plastic, but then adding some new plastic.

    EDIT: And oh yeah, Ziploc is now the sponsor of Kidcot stations and Splash Mountain, so they are handing out plastic there too.
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    This was my first thought as well, but I was going to say confused rather than amused. I think they're trying to do something good, but it isn't quite working out yet ... .

    My second thought was: did anyone else read the article about when Starbucks announced its plan to transition away from straws and introduce those sippy cup lids? Does anyone else think the argument of how Starbucks' decision to eliminate plastic straws will affect those with disabilities might apply here also? Especially since, from what I understand, Disney prides itself on being inclusive and welcoming to all?
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    It's great to see that Disney is joining the effort to reduce this unnecessary cycle of one use plastic. I do recall getting one of the reusable bags Disney were marketing CM's to use at cast Connection when I was there back in 2010 so the effort has been in the works and just needed a push to take effect. As for the exceptional occasions that plastic straws or such; I'm sure that Disney or it's vendors will have the plastic ones if inquired or for a small fee. Merchandise Bag's were always heavy duty and I reused the large ones far after I got them; I'm surprised though that Disney itself hasn't implemented the fee for buying bag's like California has.
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    I had thought about that, too. I hope they'll come up with a good alternative, or keep a small stock of straws specifically for those who really need them. Even if they're the paper straws, it's better than not having straws at all.

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