WDW in January 2019 - general questions

Discussion in 'Disney Chat' started by CCofRR13, Jun 10, 2018.

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    My youngest son is entering high school this fall and has joined the marching band. We have already had a parent meeting regarding band to prepare us for funding their trip to WDW in January 2019.

    Husband and I (and maybe 20 yr old son) might fly down to join him on his trip.

    Just in general, since this is off-season, are there any deals to be had? I tried looking up room prices but I guess it is too early to look at January 2019.

    We went once in mid-January but that was for a conference my husband was attending - we got conference pricing.

    Any info on WDW in January is appreciated.

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    Sorry I can't help, but just wanted to say my son is entering high school too!

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  3. hopemax

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    The thing with January is always, "When is the Marathon?" If your trip coincides with the Marathon, there won't be many deals and availability for hotels and restaurants might already be slim. The rest of the month, there should be hotel deals.

    Epcot is now holding the Festival of the Arts, so look up dates for that.

    The word of warning, is that January used to be a great time to go to Disney because of the lack of crowds. Now that they have all these metrics as part of Magic Bands and Fastpass+ they modulate the number of workers they schedule so that it can feel just as crowded as other parts of the year. So instead of a quick service restaurant having 5 lines open, they only have 2. They run 3 Big Thunder trains instead of 5, stuff like that. Last year, people really noticed how bad it was and there were a lot of complaints on the DISBoards. So I don't know if WDW will do anything different in 2019.
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  4. CCofRR13

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    Just looked up on Run Disney and the marathon ends the week before.
    So that should not be a problem but it is good to know about the modulation of workers schedules.....interesting.
    Festival of Arts dates have not been announced yet.

    Thanks for the info
  5. starry_solo

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    Yay for the marathon happening before your trip.
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  6. Purplemandms

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    Yay Marching Band!!! (Color guard alumni.)

    January was always my favorite time for my family and I to do the parks - low crowds, cool weather, and sometimes hotel deals (but as annual passholders that discount usually trumped everything.) I'd call to see if they anticipate any discounts!

    I am not sure about the new metrics and how the employees will be scheduled (I may still be working there at that time - if so I'll let you know), but at least the traffic won't be too bad.

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  7. dancecats

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    Generally speaking, the main thing to watch out for in January is the Marathon (personal experience talking; I've been there several times during that weekend but I haven't participated - yet). But since that will be the week before you arrive, hakuna matata!

    Unless the resort 'rate' seasons have changed, you should be in value season. That means, if you're staying on Disney property, the resorts should be at their lowest (ha!) point (and yes, I'm aware of how low I'm setting that bar). I also would expect that Annual Passholder discounts should be available for the resorts, although they may not be available yet (I don't remember how far in advance those discounts are released). I do know that you should be able to book a room for January now; I have booked rooms over a year in advance and then modified the booking (as necessary) when discounts became available. I have no experience with conference pricing and cannot speak to that, sorry.

    If you were attempting to look up prices on WDW's website, I suspect the problem might be with them and not the availability of inventory. I tried to price rooms for a trip much sooner than January 2019 and I found out that there are no rooms available in any resort in any category. I know that I'm waiting until (almost) the last minute, but I find it highly implausible that every single room, from the cheapest to the most expensive is comprehensively sold out. I find it even more implausible that you are unable to price/book a room for January - unless there is a problem with the website. I would recommend calling central reservations (a pain, I know) and seeing if someone either can sort this out or let you know what exactly is happening.
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  8. Amy

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    Any advice for traveling in mid February?
  9. chubs191

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    January and February have weird weather patterns, be sure to pack a poncho. And check the weather forecast while packing your bags. You could need anywhere from a heavy jacket to a tank top. As for Disney the months are pretty much the same. The only weekends to avoid are Marathon, Princess half marathon and Valentine's day.
  10. xdattax

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    Make sure it isn’t Princess half marathon weekend, unless you wanna come run with the rest of us crazies. ;)

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