What collection should I focus on/start this year?

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Which secondary collection should I focus on in 2021?

  1. Storybookland Canal Boats

    1 vote(s)
  2. Tarzan

    4 vote(s)
  3. Tiki Birds

    5 vote(s)
  4. Tron

    8 vote(s)
  1. Spr175psu

    Spr175psu Well-Known Member

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    Hi all! So I've been doing a lot of thinking after I started the pin resolution thread. As many of you already know, I am currently out of pins that I am in search of and think that this is a perfect time to focus on one of my secondary collections and/or start a new collection. I have set up this poll to get your, my beloved pin community's, thoughts.

    Here is some background for the reasoning behind why I would theoretically be fine with any of these selections. (In alphabetical order)

    Storybookland Canal Boats - Second favorite ride at Disneyland (first being obvious), contains Toad Hall, I almost always use the last 15-20 minutes of our extra magic hour to line up and make sure I'm first in line for when the ride officially opens to write my name in the book, crystal grotto is amazing in Shanghai, and I love the equivalent in Disneyland Paris. It would also encompass many characters and I love characters on rides.

    Tarzan - As a kid, I read all 25 Tarzan books, one of my college essays began with a quote from one of the books, loved the movies, including the ones with Johnny Weismuller, Alexander Skarsgard, and Casper Van Dien, but obviously the Disney one too, especially with that Phil Collins soundtrack, and the Tarzan Call of the Jungle is my favorite stage show at any Disney park and I was saddened to hear it closed last year.

    Tiki Birds - I love birds and had a pet cockatiel when I was a kid. In college, I did an internship at the lab of ornithology doing population studies on sharp-shinned and Cooper's hawks, I was a member of the Raptor Club and Birdwatching Club, and one of my all-time favorite moments was when we were in Hawaii and before the luau, I held 5 different parrots at the same time.

    Tron - Newest obsession. During the quarantine, I became obsessed with all things Tron. Tron Uprising was incredibly underrated and I wish there would be a season 2. The soundtrack to Tron Legacy is amazing and Jeff Bridges has been one of my favorite actors since high school with Arlington Road and of course, Big Lebowski. The Tron ride is also my favorite in any Disney park and the Tron castle pin is individually my favorite pin that I own.

    Thanks everyone for voting!
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  2. mybabykelly

    mybabykelly DPF Charter Member DPF Charter Member

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    I chose Tiki Birds :) Disney has been coming out with some great Tiki pins recently, which hopefully means their giving it the respect it deserves.
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  3. dancecats

    dancecats Administrator Staff Member DPF Administrator

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    First, congratulations on your (current) completist status. That's an excellent problem to have and I think either focusing on an existing secondary collection or starting a new one (at least, until another pin for your primary is released/discovered) is an excellent idea.

    However, I don't know that I can or should help you decide which character/theme should be the focus of your 'new' secondary collection. At the end of the day, your pin collection has to please you - and only you. I believe you should smile when you look at your pins, and while you've given compelling reasons to start/continue each of your proposed themes, I can't determined which one will make you happy - or happiest - to collect. Only you can do that.
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  4. akarih

    akarih Resident "Young Person"

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    I do love Tiki bird pins and some of the jumbos are stunning so I'd vote that if you really are looking for others' advice. But really whatever excites you most!

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  5. dznycrzyfmly

    dznycrzyfmly Active Member

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    I’m going to have to vote Tron because:

    1) I LOATHE BIRDS.... that fly. I’m all for Penguins and ostriches but the little jerks are terrifying.
    2) Not a huge fan of Tarzan.
    3) Storybookland isnt exactly a small collection as there can be MANY subcategories that can fit into this collection. So unless you would love to go down that rabbit hole...
    4) My favorite land is Tomorrowland, and I enjoyed Tron more than some of the other Disney movies that are fan favorites. I also feel that since this movie isn’t as popular as some do the others, the pins will be even more worth the hunt. Who doesn’t love a good hunt!

    Ultimately, whatever you choose will be an excellent adventure! Good luck.
  6. Jabberwocky

    Jabberwocky Cheshirefied DPF Charter Member

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    I <3 Tron so it gets my vote. :) A few of the pins are harder to get but already having the Tron castle (amazing pin) puts you ahead of the game I think.

    Tron (and Tomorrowland movie) pins keep finding their way into my pin bag and I struggle to let them go. :) Currently I have the Tron: Legacy blue disc rack pin which is a semi-keeper as it reminds me of ElecTRONica - one of my favorite events ever held at DLR. I also have the Dug Tron pin which is housed in a family member's Dug collection (but I still consider it mine lol). And I have the Mickey Tron rack pin in my trade bag and it will find a new home at some point. Been tempted by other Tron pins along the way, but managed to just say no. :)

    Plus theoretically a new film is in development (although given Jeff Bridges' current health situation, I'm not sure what if anything will come of it):

    'Tron' Movie: 'Lion' Helmer Garth Davis to Direct, Jared Leto to Star - Variety
  7. Spr175psu

    Spr175psu Well-Known Member

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    Thanks everyone for the votes and thoughtful responses, I really appreciate it! My wife’s vote was also for Tron because she saw how obsessed I’ve become with it of late. My main face mask is also Tron themed and I like to pair it with my Tron castle shirt. She also hates birds so the choice was easy for her.

    I think my mind is mostly made up, especially given the ride in MK and new movie that will undoubtedly lead to more merch and pins, but I would like a few more responses just to see if there is a consensus.

    In the meantime, away I go to start my new search!

  8. pretty Omi

    pretty Omi Resident Smol Wolf

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    I am obsessed with TRON, just never materialized a collection for it because everything seemed too hard and expensive, but I know Shaya loves a good challenge! :p
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  9. Sortlora

    Sortlora Active Member

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    I collect Tron and have a small collection and love them so much. I can never find anyone else who has seen Tron Uprising!
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  10. Jabberwocky

    Jabberwocky Cheshirefied DPF Charter Member

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    It's on Disney+ now so maybe more people will see it!
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  11. Pecosace

    Pecosace Well-Known Member

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    I've been wanting to see both movies so I'll be looking forward to watching it!

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