When did scrappers start?

Discussion in 'Pin Comparison' started by TonkaToy, Aug 1, 2019.

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    Does anyone know about when scrappers and fakes really started to hit the market?

    I feel like it was around 2005.

    Are older pins being scrapped currently? For example, would I find a pin from say, 2000, that was scrapped recently?

    Thanks for any insight you all may have.

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  2. akarih

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    I also suspect the mid-2000s but it probably only became an enormous problem around 2010. I might be wrong though, I don't have too much knowledge of scrappers.

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  3. hopemax

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    I bought my first scrappers on Ebay in January 2005, from a seller located in Hong Kong. When they arrived I knew something was off, because some were worn and others the metal was not quite cut out. I asked the seller if they were "factory seconds" and because there was no stigma at that time, the seller admitted that they were.

    In July 2005, I bought a bag of pins for like $3 a pin at a Disney show and there was some weird stuff in the bag like LE200 pins and pins where the colors in the released versions were different. At the time people said they must be prototypes. I now know these were scrappers.

    The counterfeits of the 2005 cast lanyard series pins were on lanyards when we were trying to collect them. Especially, the Chip & Dale Food series and the Tickets.

    All throughout 2005, people would post about finding pins with wrong backs, or wrong color metal, etc. But nobody would really say what was going on. People knew, but people were benefiting, and I don't think Dizpins was really comfortable with allowing discussion about it. But once the factories started contacting pin people directly, only then did Dizpins and Pinpics really make statements.

    When we attended the 2006 Epcot pin Event people were their with containers and containers of fake cast lanyard pins. My Dad and I were first in line when the DLR people refreshed their trading lanyard. My Dad held out his hands to hold the stash from their pockets. And when they were done, they gave us the choice of what we wanted to trade for. We both picked the Cotton Candy Chip & Dale #37459 "so that we both could be confident ours were authentic."

    Archive.org's first cache of the Dizpins Scrapper page is November 26, 2005. The actual page might have been added earlier, but just not archived. Here is the archived link: Known Scrapper/Counterfeit Pins

    I don't know why people on Facebook keep saying 2007 or later. Or why it became a "huge" problem later. It was a huge problem in 2005.

    Old pins. I haven't seen anything to make me think that pre-2003ish pins are being actively counterfeited by the FACTORIES. I would include 2004, maybe, but I am less confident. By 2005, everything is potentially suspect. The scrapper pins I bought way back when were the 100 Years of Dreams State pins and they came out end of 2001, and they were selling other pins from that series. So some do exist. But I don't think the volume was quite there yet. HOWEVER, if a pin was originally released and then made for many, many, many years then it might have gotten scrapped. Things like #1815 Ariel Mermaid. It is an old pin, but in production so long that the mold still existed when the counterfeiting took off, so that pin appears in many of the images the factories have sent out.

    Counterfeits. People in the US still are willing to take an authentic pin and get it counterfeited IF the value is there. So always be mindful of too many of a rare pin suddenly becoming available.
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    Scrappers have always existed, it is just a question of when that started getting distributed to the public. This either happened when factories decided they didn't want to destroy them or employees stole them.
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    Well I guess scrappers have always been there in the sense of didn't pass QC but I think the OP meant flat out fakes made by non Disney factories.

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  6. MerlinEmrys

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    That writeup was incredible. Thank you so much! I feel much more informed now! :D

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  7. Jabberwocky

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    To add two-cents worth - by the time I started trading at DL around 2006, I already knew to be wary of scrappers on lanyards. However at that time, there were still plenty/a majority of real pins being traded as opposed to nowadays where about 90% of what I see are scrappers. (Although a surprising amount of CM's lately have been working harder at refreshing their lanyards with good stuff and trying to remove the junk. I think they're getting more new hidden mickeys to refresh with, but too many people are still showing up daily with their ebay bags of garbage and taking anything real they can find.)

    However, scrappers and counterfeits are two different things. And counterfeits were around from back then, too - I remember being so worried about trading for this pin, for example, back in the day:

    Pin 6139 Disney Auctions - Alice in Wonderland 50th Ann. Series (Mad Hatter)

    As the fake had showed up early on and was even separately listed - looks from numbering like this was listed around 2005 (which lines up with hopemax's date guesstimates):

    Pin 38104 Bootleg - Disney Auctions - Alice in Wonderland 50th Ann. Series (Mad Hatter)
  8. chubs191

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    When I started trading in 2004, there were no scrappers in the park. I remember what was on pins back then were clearance Disney store, parks, DLRP, Tokyo, and lanyard pins. The occasional good OE pin was thrown in for measure.

    Back when we didn't know any better, my sister and I were looking for ways to make our trips less expensive, so we bought a lot off a website and they came in little baggies. This was probably 2005-2006. I'm sorry to say, Hope, that we put our fair share of pins on the boards on the free day back in 2006. We didn't really figure out about scrappers being a thing until 2009ish.
  9. hopemax

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    Yep, counterfeits showed up basically months after Official Pin Trading started. I'm not sure I remember what was "the first." But the Haunted Mansion pins were a top target. The WDAC Dangle, the Dead End pin. The WDAC Pirates Life for Me pin.

    The transition came, IMO, because of Cast Lanyard pins. Which seems so silly now, but the Cast Lanyard series 1 pins were selling for $30 or more and the USA Donald was selling for like $60. And everyone was collecting them, because it was seemingly easy. Someone out there knows who started this, I think it had to be someone already connected to the souvenir / pin making business because they ordered them for their employer or something. First they were counterfeited, and it went up the food chain until some resourceful factory line manager in China realized they were sitting on a gold mine and they could sell directly to pin collectors via Ebay and elsewhere.

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