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Discussion in 'Pin Zaps & Swaps' started by docfish2u, Oct 14, 2013.

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  1. docfish2u

    docfish2u Sir David, Grail Slayer Knight

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    I know this post was done a while ago, but it is time to start it all over again!!!

    First off let me introduce myself to those who are new, I am Sir David, Grailslayer Knight of DPF, or docfish2u works also.

    I was lucky enough to be a RAK (Random act of kindness) victim last October and it has changed my life for the better!!! I was amazed that people I had not traded with took the time out of their lives to send me things that they made, bought or traded for. It was a very humbling feeling!!!

    So why am I telling you all this? I want to spread the love and kindness I have felt here from so many of my extended family and what better way then to zap people. For those who do not know yet, a zap is a gift from somebody here just to be nice and let somebody here know they are valued as a member here. It can be anything from a drawing somebody makes, snacks, stickers, day planners and of course pins. It is a gift that is meant to brighten up somebody's day. It can be sent with a trade as an extra thank you or the best ones are sent for no reason at all. Just an unexpected surprise.

    I have always been amazed at how often zaps come at a time when for whatever reason somebody is feeling down. It is an amazing pick me up to know somebody out there is thinking about you!!!

    So now that my long winded opening is over let's get to the point of this post. I want to know who here has not been zapped. It could be because you are new here, not very active here or just plain bad luck.

    Here is what you need to do to participate. Leave a post here stating your name and your favorite character(s). So that if somebody feels the need to send a zap to another member here we have a clue on what to send. Also if you have a pinpics account please give us your id so we can see what you already have and what you are looking for!!! Now the important part. you need to then send me your name and address so if I am contacted by a member here looking to zap somebody we know where to send it!!! If after you post here and then get zapped please edit your post stating who zapped you and with what. If you need directions on how to do that then please pm me and I am happy to help. Also it never hurts to give credit to the person who zapped you by posting a new thread here in the zap forum!!!

    Remember zapping is a very selfish thing to do. The feeling you get when somebody receives your gift is amazing, but you only get that feeling when the person being zapped tells you (and everybody else) about it. Now you see why I say it is selfish.

    Please also remember just because you post here it is no guarantee that you will get zapped, but it does increase your odds a lot!!!

    To my wonderful DPF family, thank you very much for allowing me to be part of your lives. It is an honor to be friends with so many of you kind and wonderful people!!!

    Last thing, remember it is not what you zap, just that you zap!!!

    I guess I should have also mentioned, if you want to zap somebody from this list please pm me. This is all about making others feel appreciated and getting some of the positive pin karma in your corner as well!!!

    Here is the list of people who have not been zapped:
    Tbird - zapped by docfish2u, haha Tony!!!
    moorhunhe - zapped by SoraPandora
    Elysandrra - zapped by anmicki!
    katelouise - zapped by Tbird
    DisneySum - zapped by Dalamara
    anmicki - zapped by docfish2u
    CoryTheRaven - zapped by echan50
    Propita - zapped by docfish2u
    Elvenprincess - zappeed by echan50
    orionismycat - zapped by docfish2u
    lrdobkins - zapped by anmicki!
    MissLisa - zapped by Lumiere
    jhari16 - zapped by Bjean
    dulcecab13 - zapped by docfish2u & Tbird
    Catandaguin - zapped by Cjvandever
    Ammonite - zapped by Jadestarr
    HightopNinja - zapped by Tbird
    Allie.Pin - zapped by Fordracing
    RapunzelSalat - zapped by Jadestarr
    PrinceAli - zapped by Jadestarr
    Lilytoby - zapped by bjean
    translation - zapped by docfish2u
    Pengy - zapped by docfish2u
    Jacko - Rasputin Knows best, SiuJerkJai, Zagales14 52 weeks of zapping
    Delanie - zapped by Warzy
    Icarusinflames zapped by firebaby22
    Disnerd1989 zapped by The Wise One
    cpf zapped by Firebaby22
    Snowie zapped by Goofy-Moe
    Princessdorothy zapped by Jazzytrumpet
    jmw1976 zapped by ksnuggles
    Goren1818 zapped by Rocke01
    theDisneyCollectors zapped by TiggerMickey and Zagales14
    speedwaystar1 zapped by Rocke01
    halloweenfiend zapped by sorapandora
    calie zapped a spot in Darlene's game by ksnuggles (wow you were not even on the list before I had to move you):lol:
    a4matte zapped by ninpin
    Speezard zapped by speedwaystar1 and lynn99
    bookhugger zapped by Merryweather and wintersorecerer
    KTM zapped by halloweenfiend
    Loomi zapped by pincrazy & docfish2u
    princesselyse zapped by pincrazy & docfish2u
    ronald71 zapped by Firebaby22
    Ninpin zapped by TiggerMickey
    MzMarie zapped by the Grailslayer
    Magpie812 zapped by the Grailslayer
    piratechick24 zapped by CCofRR13
    Miss.Megan zapped by poohlady5
    kik36 zapped by mystery zapper
    Room41more zapped by mystery zapper
    Ftskim zapped by mystery zapper
    CCofRR13 zapped by Timeerkat
    Beccalionsmom zapped by mystery zapper
    mttmilner zapped by mystery zapper
    Cerysanne zapped by SiuJekJai
    LadyBarclay zapped by Romancing_train
    cameraguy1559 zapped by docfish2u
    Priderock_pins zapped by docfish2u
    alx08 zapped by docfish2u
    Jedikitten zapped by mystery zapper
    JASBG zapped by MMiano
    mrbuster zapped by the mystery zapper
    EclecticGentleman zapped by docfish2u
    mmmoni411 zapped by minpintrader
    McMorgan zapped by the mystery zapper
    IronChef zapped by SoraPandora
    Scottyboo zapped by mystery zapper
    ildar717 zapped by the grailslayer
    Kritter zapped by one of the mystery zappers
    BATB_Abbi zapped by Endor_Express
    cinderellapins zapped by Ksnuggles
    Coby zapped by CCofRR13 & Speedwaystar1
    Manta zapped by docfish2u

    bscips removed from consideration due to some shady trading practices.

    Active members:


    Members who have not been on DPF for over 3 months:

    Still room for those who have not been zapped yet. I know some of these people won't be able to say they haven't been zapped much longer!!!
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  2. AgentR

    AgentR Secret Agent, OWCA

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    Sir David is a very treasured member of the DPF Community. His kindness and generosity are very contagious! Zapping isn't just about getting pins; it is about showing someone that you are thinking of them and hoping they have a wonderful day. There are times that a zap has made my crappy day so much better! Sir David is more than just a Zapper. He is just a kind soul.

    To the Zappees, before you write down your names, don't forget the amazing things that come from the DPF Community! Maybe someday, you may pay-it-forward and start zapping other members! ;)

    PS. Being Zapped and Zapping others is super fun!
  3. bookhugger

    bookhugger I love books!

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    Wow, sounds like a great idea!
  4. nsingleton

    nsingleton Jessica Rabbit Addict

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    Another incredible and kind act by David!!! You are such an amazing soul!!! Thank you for all you do around here! :hug: I look forward to sending out some zaps when possible! :D
  5. tiggermickey

    tiggermickey DPF Correspondent DPF Correspondent

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    David,this is awesome,you can send me your name as well as I have several names too,just have fun ,I have NOT zapped anybody lately...I think David never zapped me at all:(LOL!!!just kidden ya!
  6. laura_uk

    laura_uk Living The Dream

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    What a great idea, let's spread some happy feelings and joy
  7. Tbird

    Tbird Active Member

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    Wow...cool idea. You can zap me with any of these pins:

    Pin 726: Disneyland Pin Trading Press Pin
    Pin 1098: WDAC 1999 - Haunted Mansion Dangle
    Pin 2028: DLR - Haunted Mansion Exit Sign (Dead End)
    Pin 2939: Maleficent Boxed Diva Event Gift
    Pin 18808: WDW - Scoop Sanderson PTP
    Pin 32363: Disney Auctions (P.I.N.S.) - Seasons - Ariel (Autumn)
    Pin 39958: Disney Auctions - Elizabeth Gomes Signature Series - Sleeping Beauty
    Pin 43138: Disney Auctions - Tinker Bell Christmas 2005 Pin #6 (Santa Hat)

    I'll let you pick which one to send me, I'm not choosy. If you want to send a couple of them or all of them then that will be fine too. :rofl::rofl:

    LOL....just kidding!!!

    Seriously, I did get zapped once by Linda (peachyshades) over on the pintalk forum but never here. I would love to take part in sending a zap or two out if that's ok.
    I have given many pins out to kids at the parks and events and it is such great feeling watching their faces light up when you give them a pin.
  8. moorhunhe

    moorhunhe Active Member

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    I got zapped Lion King pencils by Beckysauris, don't know if that counts as a "pin-zap"? If not, then no, :p haven't been zapped yet with a pin. I like Lion King ^^
  9. Elysandrra

    Elysandrra Member

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    Hi everyone! My name is Chrissy and I'm very new here to all this fun called pin trading, and I thoroughly enjoy the community here that is DPF. It's great meeting fellow DPF'ers at Soda Fountain releases, and I like reading about what's upcoming in our crazy little world of pins here on the forum. Now, zapping just sounds like an excellent way to make a connection and start new friendships, so yeah, I'm in! :)

    I've been zapped!!!! :) I'm very happy! Thank you so much anmicki!
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  10. docfish2u

    docfish2u Sir David, Grail Slayer Knight

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    Okay everybody, this thread is not about me!!! I love all of the praise, but for crying out loud knock it off. This is about zapping!!! If you want to zap somebody from this list please pm me also. I now have several addresses. I know there are more people out there who have not been zapped. Let's hear from you!!!
  11. katelouise

    katelouise lunapins on Instagram!

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    I haven't been zapped, although I am relatively new to the community ^_^ i love how everyone looks out for one another
  12. echoharmony

    echoharmony Active Member

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    Feel free to use the list I created when I made the post before....
  13. DisneySum

    DisneySum Member

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    I also have never been zapped but would love to get involved. My daughter loves all the princesses and she's the reason why we started to collect pins.
  14. docfish2u

    docfish2u Sir David, Grail Slayer Knight

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    Be sure to pm me your address info. You can't be zapped if we don't have your address.
  15. tiggermickey

    tiggermickey DPF Correspondent DPF Correspondent

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    Pm me as well as I collect several too and echo she has a lot as well
  16. Archimedes

    Archimedes Pin feathers and golly fluff!

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    I haven't been zapped in quite some time. Though I have been zapped before. Favorite characters: Jafar, White Rabbit, Maleficent, Evil Queen, Caterpillar, Ursula, and Fauna the green fairy. Thank you to all who do zap! You all are absolutely amazing.

    I will say, I have never zapped anyone, I did on my recent trip to WDW this year share my pins with a lot of new collectors. The smiles on there faces was enough for me. :)

    **Seeking Dr. Facilier pins. My new villain I'm adding to my villain collection**
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  17. Blacksmoke

    Blacksmoke Active Member

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    I used to zap people all the time a couple years back and last year during the Secret Santa exchange several people never received their gifts (including myself) so the first four that posted they had not received (1 in US and 3 in other countries) I went out and purchased gifts and pins to send all of them.

    The strange things is the majority of these people never acknowledged they received the zaps or SS gifts. I do think it would be wonderful if everyone made a point of posting they had received. It is a great kindness that our members here send out these zaps!

    I know the one time I received a zap I posted right away how amazing it was that someone had sent the zap. It showed they went out of their way to brighten my day!

    Have a great day!!!!
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  18. CheshireCat

    CheshireCat Active Member

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    David! You are the zap God!! They should carve your name in stone <3

    And for the record ;) My favourite characters/themes are: Brave, Figaro, Oswald, PODM's and Characters wearing Sorcerer Hats (WDI)



  19. anmicki

    anmicki Member

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    ETA: I have been zapped!! Yay! Thanks docfish2u!! :)
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  20. CoryTheRaven

    CoryTheRaven Member

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    I have zapped, but I've never been zapped myself. I have it on good authority that's because I have such obscure and limited interests :)

    My main collection is Jules Verne, so anything along the lines of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Tokyo Disneysea's Mysterious Island/20,000 Leagues/Journey to the Center of the Earth, Disneyland Paris' Discoveryland/Space Mountain: Mission 2 (or even mission 1)/Le Visionarium, Tomorrowland '98/Astro-Orbitor, etc. I've also kind of started picking up the odd Little Mermaid, Pinocchio and Pirates pins that fit with a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea pin diorama I'm kind of making. Check out my Pinpics profile to get an idea of what I've got in that vein already. If you're looking to get rid of a random fish pin, I may be your man :)

    Off and on I've considered starting collections on Fantasia, Peter Pan/Peter Pan's Flight, Main St. USA, and the Haunted Mansion but can't bring myself to invest the time and money in pursuing it. I guess if someone wants to push me over the ledge, that's fine ;)
  21. Propita

    Propita Member

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    I've never been zapped, but, as I posted in the other thread, my wants list is low--and many are either hard-to-get or costly. But I appreciate the thoughts.

    I'm a big Boo fan, Club 33, and the two Magic Music Days from Paris. There's a few others, but they're less grail-y. Yeah, a limited grail list.
  22. docfish2u

    docfish2u Sir David, Grail Slayer Knight

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    These are great points!!! If you do receive a zap please be sure to at the very least send a pm thanking the person who sent it. It is always best to post it in the zap forum also!!! If somebody takes the time to zap you, you should take the time to thank them properly!!!
  23. docfish2u

    docfish2u Sir David, Grail Slayer Knight

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    Giving pins to new collectors is always a great idea. Without new collectors we would run out of people to trade with. The smiles always makes it worth it!!!

    Oh so many things with this one. First and most importantly have you really never been zapped? If so I am shocked!!!

    Nope, not a zap God, just a guy who knows to give back and keep my pin karma on the + side. :lol:

    Please no stoning the Grailzapping Knight.

    In my humble opinion you are still eligible to be zapped!!! So no, I won't take you off this list. :wavey:

    I love all of the help!!! I think the only thing more you could have done was to list each pin. No wait, probably not a good idea to start that.:rofl:

    Sounds like a challenge, challenge accepted!!!

    Great start here!!! If anybody wants to zap somebody please send me who you would like to zap and I will do my best to get you an address.
  24. Elvenprincess

    Elvenprincess Member

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    Hi, I'm really new to the forum so I don't expect to be zapped yet. I love how people look out for each other and help spread happiness with zaps, and helping each other with trades and auctions. It is such a humbling place. I'm so glad I learned about this forum from my aunt. I'm definitely looking forward to sending zaps and I hope to be zapped one day.
  25. orionismycat

    orionismycat Member

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    I have never been zapped, I collect tink, sulley and sprite pins
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