Why do some legit pins have a printed FAC and some are molded?

Discussion in 'Pin Comparison' started by stratasfan, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. stratasfan

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    Why on legit pins do some have a printed FAC number and some have it molded on the back, just like the DPT logo, etc.? For example, I have two sets of legit UP Tsum Tsum pins . . . one has the FAC molded on the back, and one has it printed. :) My basic question --- why? What is the difference? I was reading through some of the how-to-tell-fakes/scrappers, etc. threads, but couldn't find one that covered this question about the FACs. Just wondering if someone who has a better idea of this would share with a relative newbie! :)

  2. bookhugger

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    Different factories?
  3. swscref

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    I would agree. Most likely the same reason some AP & PP are stamped in the metal and some have laser engraving. The FAC is indeed a factory identifier for Disney.
  4. stratasfan

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    So there is no reason to take the FAC printed or molded as a legit/scrapper point? Thanks!
  5. akarih

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    I mean molded FACs can be faked but that's about the end of it...

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  6. TonkaToy

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    And does anyone know when FAC numbers starting appearing on pins? I have a 2008 pin with one, but am not sure if they started that early!
  7. hopemax

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    It’s on my list to research. There are numbers that start with N, S, P and now we have the FAC ones. So I want to figure out which goes when. But 2008ish sounds about right for the start of numbers at all. But they wouldn’t start with FAC. Those are more recent.

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