Why does Studio Store not like Mr. Toad??

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by Spr175psu, Sep 8, 2019.

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    It’s Sunday morning, which means I’m staring at my Mr. Toad collection as always. I decided to compare it against my other collections and come to a conclusion: The Disney Studio Store doesn’t like Mr. Toad.

    In looking at my collection, I have determined that I only have 4 Studio store pins, that’s it. A 65th anniversary pin, a beloved tales, and two, count them two, ptds.

    Most other movies have gotten many others and even the most obscure characters have been recognized over the years but not the primary Mr. Toad characters.
    Also, there have been many WDI pins over the years but only 4 DSSH.

    So why the discrepancy with other equally popular characters and movies? Mr Toad’s Wild Ride at Disneyland always has wait times in excess of 20 minutes, which is usually more than the Snow White and Pinocchio rides, typically walk ons, that have significantly more pins available to its collectors.

    I don’t believe popularity is a good counterpoint because the ptd releases of minor characters recently and the popularity of the toad ride at Disneyland (and the toad restaurant in Paris with typical 45 minute wait times) seem to refute that argument. Also, any releases sell out eventually regardless of whether it’s Rapunzel or a much lesser known character.

    I’ve compiled a quick and rudimentary list of this inescapable, undeniable fact. This list is for all recent DSSH releases that failed to include a Mr. Toad counterpart. Please feel free to add to this list.

    1) Character Block
    2) Cutie
    3) Cursive Cutie
    4) Marquee
    5) Dark Tales
    6) Mane & Friends
    7) ptds of other primary characters

    Bonus WDI
    1) Character Cluster
    2) Profile
    3) Villain and sidekicks

    I’m sure I’m missing many others but this at least gives an idea of what I’m ranting about.

    My hope is that with the 70th looming in only 4 short weeks, this injustice will be, at least, partially corrected, and DSSH (and dare I suggest WDI with a cluster and profile?) will right this blatant and inexplicable wrong.

    This is your local, friendly neighborhood Mr. Toad collector signing off. And remember, “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing.” A line from my daughter’s show, “Miraculous”, but seems especially relevant here. Or something.

    End insane Mr. Toad tirade or diatribe against DSSH.

    Although this is half supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, it still seems to make some sense.
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    Mr Toad's attraction is parks related. Therefore WDI would make pins for it.

    But a ride's popularity has no bearing on whether DSSH would make a pin for it since they make film-related pins, not park-related pins. And Toad was a short/compilation film property, so it's no surprise they don't focus on that any more than characters from "Make Mine Music" or whatever.
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    I collect The Legend of Sleepy Hollow pins so I feel your pain. Even though the Headless Horseman gets pins at the park especially around Halloween he is mostly absent from DSSH. Honestly I just don't think people watch the movie anymore even though they ride Mr Toad at Disneyland. I grew up with The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad and watched it on the Disney Channel every Halloween. However I recently went to Disneyland with a lot of friends and even though they enjoyed the ride none of them had ever seen the movie. And I think if adults are showing kids the older movies they focus on the popular classics such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc. What I can't explain is why less popular movies still get so much love at DSSH like Chicken Little or Meet the Robinsons. How is there no Headless Horseman dark tales? Since Mr Toad/Sleepy Hollow often go together I say yes bring on the pins!
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    It just seems odd to me that movies like “Sky High” and “Valiant” have marquees, with virtually non-existent fan bases, has marquees and direct-to-video releases like the tinker bell series of movies get full releases of sets and Disney junior shows, not based on any film that I’m aware of, like Doc Mcstuffins and Sofia, get several ptds of nearly all characters while a Walt-made classic, based off of one of the more beloved children’s books of all-time, has to struggle to get any pins whatsoever.

    Longest run-on ever!
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    Those movies have marquees because the El Capitan showed the movie during it's original release, and a marquee was made for it at that time. If El Capitan ever showed the Adventures of Ichabod & Mr Toad, then it would automatically get a marquee pin too. That's how the marquee pins work. That's why this D23 Marquee release was special, because it was for movies that had never been shown at El Capitan. And why NBC gets a bazillion of them, because they show it every year like clockwork.

    I think Jabberwocky nailed it, in that the characters from any of the "package films" are not promoted by the Company. They have made a Toad PTD, Winkie, Katrina and Ichabod so as far as they are concerned they are covering them. Maybe we get Cyril, Mole, Rat & MacBadger but it will be a trickle.
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    To clarify, except for the odd exception, DSF only does marquees for first-run movies and annual events. For example, they have shown Robin Hood there (I went to it) but it was a Throwback Thursday showing which they do not do pins for.
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    I love Mr. Toad (and my small Toad collection)! I enjoy it when new pins are released, even if I don't get them. There have been A LOT of Toad pins this year. There is always hope for Mr Toad character PTD pins! Since they did that one cool anniversary pin there, it's possible they'll do a new one, but they don't do all anniversaries. There wasn't a new Robin Hood last year but they had done a really nice RH anniversary pin before.
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    Excuse you, Sky High was a cinematic masterpiece.

    The real question is, why does G-force have a marquee?

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    I know this isn’t about your post but I saw this at Disneyland Paris group and thought of you
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    That's a much better price than I have been seeing lately. I've been eyeing that one ever since it came out. Which group?

    I've tried really hard not to reply to this thread since I can see that I'm mostly on an island on this one.

    @Purplemandms - I apologize, I stand corrected on Sky High. I added it to my list of movies to re-watch.
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    It’s a group that shows all new merchandise at DLP and when there is something going on you can read it there. I will have a look tomorrow what the name of the group is.
    I don’t know if you’re looking for it but can ask someone for a pickup but will be shipping from Europe...
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    So I think based on this thread, and some conversations I've had with fellow Mr. Toad collectors (yes, they do exist!), I've come to a conclusion. Thanks everyone for your input.

    The anniversary that I should really be focusing on is not the movie's but the attraction's! For Disneyland's 55th anniversary, which coincides with Mr. Toad's Wild Ride's 55th anniversary since Mr. Toad was, of course, an opening day attraction, there were 6(!) new Mr. Toad pins. For Disneyland's 60th anniversary, again, there were 6 new Mr. Toad pins released.

    Since, as was noted earlier, DLR and WDI focus on park attractions, and not the movies on which they are based, like DSSH, I should really be excited about next year, Disneyland's 65th anniversary, for more Mr. Toad pins. Just like WDI did an amazing job with Splash Mountain's 30th anniversary, I can hope for an equally amazing release for the DLR's opening day attractions' anniversary, including Mr. Toad's Wild Ride's.

    Any movie anniversary pins that come out this year are therefore simply gravy or icing on the cake. If the Studio Store releases an anniversary pin this year, that would certainly be great, but I won't hold my breath for a marquee or any further ptds. One can only hope that they at least do ENG's 20th right next year.

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