Feedback Profile of hopemax

  1. Awesome pickups! Thanks!

  2. Always fabulous!

  3. Fast shipping and communication. You'll get the hang of trading quickly!

  4. Awesome pickup as usual!

  5. Thanks for the pickup!

  6. May be new to DPF, but trading like a pro! A+ for speed, packaging and communication!

  7. Thanks for the Shanghai pickups and trade!

    • Seller
    • Ajk (101)
    • May 24, 2019
  8. F&G Pickups. Awesome as usual!

  9. Great trade, quick ship!

  10. Thanks for helping me out! Great trade, speedy shipping!

    • Trader
    • jaac98 (113)
    • Sep 19, 2018
  11. Great trade! Super fast shipping too!

    • Trader
    • cadien (23)
    • Sep 17, 2018
  12. Great Game! Quick shipping!

  13. Awesome sale, and super fast shipping!

  14. It's always great when someone has what you need to complete a set. And fun zap too, Thanks!

  15. So excited for this awesome pickup! Thanks!

  16. Wonderful trade, so many great pins!

  17. I think I'm behind on leaving PIckup feedback. But awesome as always!

  18. Great Trade, and fun zaps! Thanks so much.

  19. Thanks for the layaway. Awesome pins!

  20. Thank you for such an awesome game!

  21. Very well and festively wrappe! Thanks for the trade

  22. December Pickups - Awesome as usual!

  23. Awesome auction. Fast ship!

  24. Pickups. Awesome as usual!

  25. Well packaged, great communication. Thanks!