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  1. Thank you! And Thank you for the zap!!!

  2. Great seller - love the pins - thank you!!

  3. Great trade - thank you!!!

  4. Fast Shipper - Thanks!

  5. As always - wonderful seller - thank you!!

  6. Great pick-up person! Thank you

  7. Fantastic DPF member!! Thanks for the pins!

  8. Wonderful DPF member! Thanks for the pins!

  9. Wonderful member of DPF!! Thank you again!

  10. Wonderful member of DPF!! Thank you again!

  11. Thanks again! Quick shipping!

  12. Another great pick up! Thank you!!!!

  13. Fantstic and fair seller!

  14. Thank you! Perfectly packaged and quickly shipped.

  15. great pin! thank you

  16. Thanks for the fun game and great pin!!

  17. Great fun game - thank you for the pin!

  18. Great pin - thank you!!

  19. Great Seller - wonderful Chernabog pin and stickers too!!!

  20. Awesome DPF person! Great pins - Fast shipper!

  21. Thanks for the Splash Mountain Pin!!! Awesome!

  22. Great Stitch pin - thank you!!!

  23. Great pins and a zap too! Thank you!!!!!

  24. Love my Elvis Stitch pin - Thank you!!

  25. Thanks for the Chernabog!!