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  1. Fast payment - thank you!

  2. Auction winner

  3. Great communication and great care in packing!

  4. 11/15/2020 DTD PIN PICK UPS

  5. Great multi-pin trade!

    • Trader
    • Ajk (125)
    • Nov 14, 2020
  6. Thanks for the great trade!

  7. DLR October 2020 Pin Pick Up

  8. DLR 10/9 Pin Pick Up

  9. Had an awesome multi-pin trade!

  10. Great Trade-Well Packaged Beautiful Pins

  11. Great buyer

  12. Another awesome trade! Thank you!

  13. Enjoy your Halloween pins! A+++++++++ buyer!

  14. A+ Member. Good communication. Prompt Payment.

  15. Bought WDI VMK Lanyard pin !

  16. Very quick payment. Great DPF member! Very generous!

  17. Super fast payment, great communication. Honest buyer! Thanks

  18. Great trader. Good packaging and prompt communication,

  19. Great couple of trades!

  20. Auction/Trade

  21. Great communication, great care in packaging.

  22. Thank you for trading with me. You have no idea how much you've helped me with my collection! thank you again!!

  23. Thank you for the great trade!

  24. Nice prices, cute pins, quick shipment, Thank you!

  25. Great trade. Good packaging and communication.

  1. Thank you for the pickup.

  2. Nice pins, fast shipping.

  3. Thank you for a great auction.

  4. Super Awesome Trade!!!

  5. Thanks for the Halloween pickups.

  6. Thanks for the help with Tiny Kingdom.

  7. Thank you for the pickup. It's really appreciated.

  8. Thank you for a great trade.

  9. Thanks for a wonderful trade

    • Trader
    • Ajk (125)
    • Nov 13, 2020
  10. Thanks again for a flawless pick up

  11. Wonderful trade!

  12. Thank you for the pick ups.

  13. Awesome trade!

  14. Great trade. Love the pins.

  15. Thanks for the great pin. Highly recommended.

  16. Thanks for the awesome trade!

  17. Thank you for all of your Halloween help.

  18. Awesome buyer. Thank you.

  19. Thanks for the pick ups.

  20. Excellent trade!

  21. Great seller. Love the pin.

  22. Great auctions and trades. Thanks.

  23. Awesome trades. Thanks.

  24. Awesome auction and trade as well. Thank you.

  25. Great trade. Thank you so much.