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  1. thank you for the great pin from the pick and list game and the cute zap pin !

  2. Shiny new pin arrived safely! Thanks for playing the pin picking game!

  3. thank you for the brilliant pins for the pick and list games !

  4. Won Auction; Sent items Fast.Awesome!!!! Would trade again anytime

  5. Great Auction thanks.

  6. Recieved my comics as described,another tiggeriffic trade

  7. Unbelievably generous trade!! Thank you so much!!!

  8. Love my pin! Thanks for trading.

  9. Got the pins today! Thanks so much for the Trade :)

  10. Thank you for the wonderful trade! :)

  11. wonderful Shellie May outfit! Thank you so much!

  12. Incredible pins!! lightning shipping, spectacular packaging, a pin traders dream

  13. Thanks for the tin! I love it! It's so nice!

  14. thank you for the great chocolate bars for my auction.

  15. Recieved my tin as described,awesome trade!!A+++all the way:)

  16. Mickey vinyl arrived in perfect condition! Love it so much! Thank you!!! :D

  17. An amazing trade with an amazing person and got amazing zaps! <3

  18. Wally is awesome,luv the TIN with Repunzal on it,fantastic trade!!

  19. Absolutely great trader. Fabulous communication!

  20. thanks again!

  21. Awesome auction, fabulous prizes. Super fast shipping from Japan!

  22. I love the Bracelets! thanks for a great auction!

  23. Another Great trade! Thank you so much!

  24. Thank you for the awesome trade!!!

  25. You can be part of my auction any time!!!

  1. Thank u for my POH pins

  2. Thank you for the GREAT Goofy pins for my auction... They came today

  3. Great trade!!! Thanks for checking if it arrived.

  4. and my wait for the auction bid continues

  5. Thank you for the pin game pins they are GREAT!!!

  6. Thank u for the pin and the zap

  7. Thank u for the Goofy pin

  8. Still haven't received any thing from the auction and communication stopped

  9. Great pins ...Thank you!!

  10. Beautiful pins and thanks for the stickers.

  11. Thank you for the wonderful bid!!

  12. Great Trade!! Thank you so much

  13. Thanks for the auction pin

  14. One of the kindest DPF members I know and BEAUTIFUL lanyards to help new traders

  15. Great trade and Great packaging....Thank you for thinking of me.

  16. Thank you for the trade and the extras

  17. Great trade... Love that Goofy pin

  18. Wonderful Pins!!!

  19. Thank you for the WONDERFUL pins

  20. Thank you for Ur help with getting lanyards

  21. Thanks for the Goofy keychain zap and great pins

  22. Super fast mailing and Super safe packaging

  23. What a sweet chocolate as an extra zap...can't beat that

  24. I got my hat and pin...Thank you!!

  25. Really like the Goofy ...Thanks