For Sale: Holy Grails for Sale!!

Discussion in 'Pins for Sale/Wanted' started by erikr, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. erikr

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    Hey everyone!

    It's been a while since I last posted, but I wanted to share with this community that I am unloading tons of grails right now. They are all starting at .99¢ on eBay.

    Some pins include:

    Ariel Ahoy
    Jessica as Marilyn
    Stitch in Costumes
    DA Mothers Days le 100

    and tons more!!

    Good luck!

    *If this post is deemed inappropriate for this page, please let me know, and I will remove it ASAP.
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  2. bookhugger

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  3. translation

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    Will you be listing more--or are those it?
  4. ladyroselie

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    Well that escalated quickly! I went to check out the Ariel and WOW, she is quite popular (I'm a bit of a newbie, so while I recognize some of the top pins from people's sigs, I don't always know just how popular they are!).

    Best of luck with your sales, I hope that you get a good price for everything and that the winners get some HTF grails :)
  5. fuzzybunny

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    what do you go by on ebay
  6. Ocean7

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    Search Disney Ariel Ahoy pin and you’ll find seller.
  7. S_scarne

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    Are you selling more ?

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