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2023 Pin Discussion & Pin Releases 💬

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2023 Pin Discussion & Pin Releases 💬


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It's beginning to look a lot like a new year of pins!

Here's a preview of the upcoming monthly series from the D23 Expo:

Whelp, I'm in trouble. On top of it being a huge anniversary year for Robin Hood (50) and Sword in the Stone (60) back to back, there's already three series that are showing at least one pin I need and pretty much all of the rest of the series being likely to include pins I need. Hopefully I can find them for trade at trade events throughout the year as they are released.
Oh, I also forgot anniversaries for Oliver and Company (35 years), Bolt (15 years), and Ralph Breaks the Internet (5 years), which all have the potential to release pins for my collections.
On the D23 website, they have hinted at NBC, Halloweentown (YES THE DISNEY CHANNEL MOVIE WITH DEBBIE REYNOLDS), and Hocus Pocus will all be celebrating big anniversaries this year so I'm hoping for a lot of merch!! I've waited so long for Halloweentown merch and with this hint I already KNOW I will be trying for all the pins.. plus I collect NBC and Hocus Pocus so this will be an expensive year on top of the already previewed pins that are discussed above. Now would be a wonderful time to win the lottery!!
Not sure I get the "Disney Dancing Characters" category. Wondering if that is a misprint since the villains just appear to be standing and not dancing. (Am I missing something?) But might grab a Maleficent if she drops in the series (I do really hope she is a dancing villain... that would be a different pin.)
I believe the characters, or at least the heads, are supposed to move back and forth. Kind of like a bobblehead? This screenshot doesn't show it but I could swear there was a preview image of these somewhere with arrows that showed the movement.
I don't think I care about any of the monthly series this year. I guess I'll see how the villain set looks in person but the art definitely isn't exciting me. That's okay, it can be a low cost year for me and I'll be fine with that. Except for NBC anniversary which I am hoping will have a lot of great pins for me to lust for. But at least I have most of the year to save up for that.
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