Zapped! A classic 90s zap!

Discussion in 'Pin Zaps & Swaps' started by AshleyV, Jan 11, 2019.

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    Late last night, my fiancé walked into the house with a big, bedraggled box and said, "Hey, did you notice this package sitting in our planter outside? I think it's for you." It's become something of an annoying habit for the local postal workers to just dump packages in our plants and leave without knocking on the door, so the package unfortunately had been out in the rain for a couple of hours.

    But I forgot to be annoyed when I actually looked at the box and discovered that @pretty Omi had sent it!! (Actually, I think my exact reaction went something like squinting my eyes and saying, "What did Omi do now..." to which my fiancé replied, "Um, are you mad at her or something?")

    Inside the box (and thankfully, with not a single sign of water damage), was this adorable cat toy addressed to my cats, Mercury and Basil, from Sidney, Mystery, and Babou. Basil was super wary of the toy at first, then practically pounced on it and sent it flying under the couch.


    Mercury, on the other hand, was confused:


    As the older of the two, he's always last to get to play with toys and sometimes forgets what they're for. I found him cuddling it later, though...


    The rest of the package contained a lovely card and what is now my absolute FAVORITE pin display ever!!! (It also brought back alllll of my 90s nostalgia, since I used to have this VHS and watched it countless times as a Snow White-obsessed child.)


    It never even occurred to me to do this with my pins, but it's genius and I love it. And the dwarfs "Werk" pin keeps making me laugh, too.

    Thank you SO much for the gifts, Omi! But don't think for a second that you're not getting zapped again......
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  2. Disneychildwithin

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    That use of VHS cases is genius! Wish I hadn't gotten rid of all of mine...thankfully I see them at garage sales all the time...the hunt is on for my favs!
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  3. krand1276

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    Ooh! Very cool! Congrats!

    And cute kitty!

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    Yeah - kitty pictures!!!! Congrats on the ZAP!
  5. Ajk

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    Love the pics! And agree with disneychild. Congrats on a great zap!
  6. Kerri780

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    Awesome ZAP and VHS idea, Mercury is so stinkin cutteeeeeeeee
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  7. Booger1964

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    Nice zap (and cute kitties!) Congrats!

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