Sold/Ended: D23 WDI Disney S.E.A. Pins, Lanyard & Merch

Discussion in 'Completed Pin Trades' started by Abyssinian28, Jan 7, 2018.

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    We finished our move, so I'm going to start to trade again! Yay!

    I didn't go to Destination D and missed out on this set. I was waiting for the next pop-up shop, to see if I could snag some leftovers (I figured not many people are into SEA...not like famous characters, anyway). However, they weren't there this last time, and I was informed that they're gone.

    So I need a full set of the pins, the lanyard, and apparently, there were also shirts! I know it's unlikely that people have the shirts lying around, but if you do, I'm interested. Likewise, if you're a cast members, and you see any SEA merchandise in cast stores, please let me know?

    But regarding the pins, I'd like to trade!

    My traders are under abyssinian28. You can also e-mail me at if my box gets full!

    Pins I'm talking about:

    Pin 118994 S.E.A. Shield Bolo
    Pin 118992 WDI - S.E.A. Badge - Romance
    Pin 118990 WDI - S.E.A. Badge - Adventure
    Pin 118987 WDI - S.E.A. Crest
    Pin 118986 WDI - S.E.A. Plaque
    Pin 118985 WDI - S.E.A. Shield - Explorata Continua
    Pin 118984 WDI - S.E.A. Logo


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