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    PinPics Information:

    Pin 89554 DSF - Pin Trader's Delight - Dopey with Root Beer Float


    This pin features Dopey, holding what appears to be a root beer float with two straws, ready to share. This pin was a gift with purchase of the "Pin Trader's Delight" sundae. Pin is 1 1/2 inches tall by 1 1/4 inches wide. Pin back has the DSF Ice Cream Cone waffle pattern with the Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store Hollywood stamp. Reads "Limited Edition of 300, (c) Disney Made in China", and has a production number in ink which reads "T794-23-1679-1335" Note: While some GWPs at DSF come on a backing card, this pin is given in a small clear plastic bag.

    So, on FB, there's someone inquiring because his says "Limited Edit on" (missing the second "i" in Edition and there is the appropriate space) and the serial number is on the back.

    People on FB are saying it's a fake because of the serial number (theirs doesn't have one) and the misspelling.

    Does anyone have this pin that they purchased directly from DSSH? I have one that my sis purchased from a DPF member here that has the same issues (missing the second i and has the serial number).

    Who created the original entry?

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    The style and detail in the listing suggests that it is one of the many I created.

    I was the one who created the old PTD group on the old site, and was the one who added most of the listings for the older PTDs. . . very quickly after each was released because back then
    a) I was working from home and I was online all the time and either I could see it myself or I was messaged about it.
    b) it took a long time for any PTD to sell out, I would travel to DSF at lease twice a month, and would add any pins I picked up there to PinPics shortly after I got home.

    I cannot say for sure that the pin pictured in PinPins was the one I got directly from DSF, but the color background certainly suggests to me that it was.

    That was the good news.

    That bad news is that I gave up collecting PTD’s as a collection in enough itself when I decided to start collecting Frozen nine months after the movie came out, and most of the older PTD’s, including this Dopey, were traded for Frozen pins, back when they were extremely hard to trade for. And unfortunately, I do not remember exactly who I traded my Dopey to. I only know that it was someone residing in the greater Southern California area.
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