Essence of evil scrapper?

Discussion in 'Pin Comparison' started by Mickeyplutofan, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. Mickeyplutofan

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    Hi I just got the Gaston essence of evil pin from eBay, and it doesn’t quite look as good/legit as the ones I’ve gotten from Merlin. Can someone who has an authentic one maybe help?


    The metal is very dark and coppery compared to like all the other ones which are a bright silver. Also, there is like a paint crackle/distortion on his face... any advise?

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  2. MerlinEmrys

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    Sadly, that's probably real. The ones I picked up were th "good ones" from a sea of really really bad QC. I probably looked at about 10 pins each time I make a pickup, and a lot of them had this level of error. :/

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  3. sbmpins

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    Same at Disneyland. I was getting one for myself and the cast members went through all of their stock and his face on all of them were "clouded".

    Which was really disappointing because Gaston is one of my favorites.
  4. cyke23

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    Good to know. I need 2 more essence pins. Gaston is one of them.

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