Happy New Year - Any pin related resolutions?


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I felt that so deeply, I keep seeing great deals and realizing I don't need them even if they are cheap.

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I do it with pins for my collection. I see something in my ISO list for a good price and tell myself buy it now before you never see it again or end up paying double because that is what it usually goes for. Then a few months later I’ll see it again for about the same price or better sometimes. So this year I am going to stick more to a budget and listen less to my pin FOMO.

Last year, I was very successful with downsizing collections, focusing on specific ones, building my daughter’s and wife’s, and not making the mistake that I have been making since I started collecting: buying pins that I think will make a good trader and then getting stuck with it when they weren’t.

I made this mistake preordering a bunch of the D23 pins. Tons of money spent and I’m not having an easy time trading them like I thought I would.