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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Kerri780, Jul 15, 2018.

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    Hey everyone,

    I have never traded pins before but I visited WDW 3 times as a teenager (Very eager to go back!!) and purchased a couple of lanyards worth of pins during 2004,2005 and 2009 on my trips.

    I've recently been getting into collecting the Mickey ~Memories set and this has reunited my interest in pins!
    I live in the UK so I don't have great access to pins, the UK Disney store doesn't seem them although I've seen the US store does.
    I'm hoping to go to DLTP at the end of this year and would love to start trading and collecting!

    Sorry if this question has been asked a million times but this forum is very over-whelming for a newbie!
    How difficult is it to sort through the fakes and the scrappers compared to the legit on ebay? I just don't really know where else to get pins from as the UK is not great!

    Looking forward to spending lots of time on the forum! Feel like I've found a hobby again!

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    Welcome aboard.

    I'm in the UK so feel you're pain when it comes to Pin access. There are some great people on here who do Park pick ups from the USA and I cannot sing their praises highly enough! A couple of people go to DLP and can do the occasional pick up, but as it's less frequent selection is limited, I'm going back in October and then the big one of going back to WDW in August!!:mickey2:

    The UK Disneystore web site doesn't have much(in fact now there are only 3 possibles) but it's usually a little better than that.

    Scrappers/fakes are a minefield..my advice avoid Ebay where possible, undoubtedly there are some good people on there, but you're chances of getting a fake/scrap' are largely increased. Do not buy any of the mixed lots and like most things in life, if it seems to good to be true, walk away!

    The Guys and Gals on this forum are really helpful and friendly, so ask away if you need any help at all.

    Enjoy your time collecting little bits of metal that damage your bank balance and have fun.

    Oh and get a PinPics account to track your collection(Or traders)

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  3. Kerri780

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    Thank you so much, that is a really helpful reply!
    I've just spent the evening after work watching YT videos on how to spot fakes/scrappers haha!

    I'll check PinPics out now :)
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    Hi and Welcome!

    Ebay can be a great place to get pins but you have to be careful. Do your research - check feedback. The main thing to remember is if it seems too good to be true...it is.
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    Hello and welcome!

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    Hello and welcome!
  7. Kerri780

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    thanks for the warm welcome :dumbo:
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