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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by D1sn3yL1f3, Jul 29, 2018.

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    Hi! I'm a collector and trader from MD . I started last October when my husband and I went to Disney for out honeymoon . I love UP! balloon pins, but I collect a little bit of everything .

    I really enjoy trading with children at the parks and seeing how excited they get. Also, if a child shows genuine interest in my pins and really likes them but doesn't have any to trade I will surprise them and let them pick any one off my lanyard to have to start their collection and trading. I love creating that magic moment!
  2. bcol

    bcol "They call me Bruce" ....and mupins

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    Welcome! Everyone loves a little bi of magic. Great job!
  3. bookhugger

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    Hi and Welcome!
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    Aloha and Welcome!
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    Hello and Welcome!

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    Hello and welcome!!
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    Congratulations on your marriage. My wife and I celebrated our honeymoon in WDW and have been going back just about every year for our anniversary. Welcome to the world of pin trading. Trading with cast members is great and trading with kids that come up can be great experience. I had one couple from Germany on their honeymoon, that liked one of my pins so I gave it to them.
  10. JP2018

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    Welcome! Those Up balloon pins are really beautiful and intricate :)
  11. Palancar

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    Welcome to the forum, great bunch of people on here. You were zapping people and did not even realize it. It does make you feel good when you see the look in their eyes when the get that pin.

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