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Hello! It’s been a while

Hello! It’s been a while


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Las Vegas
Hi guys!!

It has been quite some time since I’ve been on here maybe like 3-4 years but maybe a little less I’m not sure, time flys weirdly now. XD i think the last time I traded was around the age of 15-16 and now I’m almost 20 and engaged.

I’m looking forward to getting back into trading again
Pinpics- BeautyandtheBeastPins

It’s not up to date with my traders and I’m currently in the process of getting some new pins so you can take a look if you’d like but it’s not great XD

I also wanted to ask if there are any other European traders on here as I’ve moved for the USA to the UK. I’m not sure at the costs to trade internationally so if someone could let me know it’s that’s possible or not that would be great. Or if there’s a thread of some kind I would appreciate that!

It so nice to be back and I hope all of you guys have been good since then

Welcome back, Abbi, and congratulations on your engagement and move to the UK! I'm pretty new here myself, but am totally open to international trades if we have any matches! My PinPics name is the same as here.
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Congratulations. I'm sure you'll find out quickly the UK and US are two nations separated by a common language. Some of our words have totally different meanings.