Help on Cherry / Watermelon Hidden Mickeys?

Discussion in 'Pin Comparison' started by PinPuff, Feb 24, 2018.

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    I collect Mickey-shaped foods so it's hard when they mostly come in HM sets that are known to have been scrapped! I've checked the cherry on here before and I'm like 95% sure it's legit, just double checking, and the watermelon I think is real (I believe I traded both from someone on here and as I imagine scrappers don't circle around in these parts) ... figured I'd ask the experts just to be sure ;)



    Cherry Back

    Watermelon Back

    The pictures are pretty shoddy as it's hard for phones to focus on such tiny, tiny lettering ... the lettering is clear IRL but the pictures make it look blurry! Mostly just worried / not sure on the placement of the licensing on the backs. Let me know!

    EDIT: Upon closer speculation the rims on the top of the back of the watermelon are kind of ... smushed? I'm starting to think it may be a scrapper ...
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    The 1 of 4 on the back of cherries seems to close together - not enough space between the numbers and of. Also,
    the ODPT logo is not clear. It could be your photo.

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