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QUESTION Help with a pair of DLP possible fakes

QUESTION Help with a pair of DLP possible fakes


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Hi people! First post on here and I wanted to make this one because it's been eating away at me. I have these two DLP Sorcerer pins i have set aside because of doubt in authenticity - if maybe someone could help me compare these if they own them? On Pinpics for both pins it mentions: "The trim and back are silver tone" and the ones I have are gold toned. The FAC code on them has a particular font i've never seen... in fact i don't think i ever see FAC codes on DLP pins but I've only started collecting since last year, these are from 2021. I have compared with others being sold online and it seems that my mickey sorcerer has a bit a darker tan, others seem to depict him as more pale... so I'm just not sure. Please help!




Disneyland Paris pins are one of my "weak" areas, I just don't own too many to get a good idea of how they look and feel, to know. I did see one Sorcerer Hat on Ebay from a reliable seller that had a photo of the back and it did have an FAC number printed like that. Same seller, completed auction for the Sorcerer Mickey, also FAC like that. Also, the backs look gold not silver. There aren't a lot of auctions for those pins, nor many results on Worthpoint. Which is a good sign. I would keep an eye out on Ebay for future auctions to see if any French sellers have photos of backs, and just the frequency these pins show up. Faked pins have lots of auctions, from places that you wouldn't think there would be that many DLP pins. I would be cautiously optimistic they are real, but someone who bought them at DLP to compare with would be best.
Its tough to confirm these 100%.

That said... My thoughts... (for whatever its worth.)
Pinpics: Anecdotal evidence (ie, not enough to prove anything.) I find periodic errors on Pinpics. Databases in general are crowd sourced and the data is only as reliable as the person adding it (ie, 'we are only human' applies here.) Bottom line, the information about 'silver' may not be correct. Have you found the above pins in any other databases? (Pintradingdb.com, pinandpop.com (note: many of their listings originate from pintradingdb), collectiblepintrader.com, disneypinventory.com, mypincentral.com).

I did a quick check and mypincentral.com might have a back picture of the hat...

Photo colors are tough (darker or pale hues on Mickey). I take a lot of pin database pictures (I do a lot of listing creation for pintradingdb - I retake pictures over and over again trying different things (lighting (flash/no flash/sun), angles, etc.) to get it right and sometimes I just give up... many people probably don't take more than one or two pictures.) Bottom line, getting the colors right in a photo is a big challenge. If the picture you are looking at is 'close enough' then color is probably not a 'tell' about authenticity. Dramatic color differences can be a tell... if pin color is blue and the picture color is yellow for the same pin space then that could be a tell (but then other question would be, which pin is correct... if you know the other pin is legit, then I would say this could answer your question.)

If you find a legit Paris pin... different pin runs come out differently... especially on OE pins that are restocked across multiple years. Different factories will also create differences for how a pin will look.

Finally, where did you obtain the above? Can you trace a path that might take you back to a Paris person or someone who visited Paris? Were they purchased/sourced at some of the less rebutable trinket stores around WDW? Knowing the source helps too.

If the above are traders, trade them in person (if possible). Explain your concerns and leave it to the other person to decide if they still want to trade. Also, trading in person, if you find someone else with these pins... ask them about them (can they track their pin(s) back to DL Paris?) and compare them.

If the above are keepers. Once pins are gained, I mostly don't worry about pins being legit. I try to avoid fakes before gaining, but once gained, its 'game over' and I just accept and enjoy them.

And finally... my conclusion (with limited info)... during my quick searches of the DBs and looking at your info and pin pictures... nothing jumps out at me to say your pins are concerning for legitimacy. Again... For whatever one traders opinion is worth. :)
In my humble opinion - just looking at your pictures - they are real.
PinPics info CAN be Wrong.
I own several pins that the metal color is listed incorrectly on PinPics.
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