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    At some point recently there have been many traders, new and experienced alike, asking for tips and tricks for the pinpic trade assistant. As I wrote up a how to guide for this before, and it was appreciated. I will re-write it. (it got deleted, but that’s ok, I was thinking about doing an overhaul on it anyway..)

    Questions to be covered by this how to guide:

    1. getting higher response rates. (positive or negative)
    2. Properly and fairly requesting trades.
    3. International trades.
    4. Why it does not “just checkmark all the choices.â€
    5. How to control who receives the requests.
    6. What is proper online trade etiquette?

    As each question is addressed, I will put the Number in a bold color to be noticed.

    First less discuss how to be better prepared to use the Trade assistant (TA)

    • Ensure your tradable’s list is up to date and accurate.
    • Ensure your wants list is up to date and accurate.
    • ANY pin you feel you are willing to trade, even ones in your collection that you would “give up for a holy grail†should be on your trade list. You can always decline a Trade request (TR)
    • Have a current email address that you check daily if possible.
    NOTE: if you set your pinpic account to anonymous, you will receive fewer requests and even fewer responses.

    Now, for the new user, how I do this…. Trust me, this method works. Only do this once a week or month. Daily requests get annoying for the repeat recipient.

    1. log into your pinpic’s account.
    2. on the left side of pinpic home page are several locations to visit. Lets go to “My pinpic’s.â€
    3. I scroll down to the view user boxes.†View Tradables.†And type in YOUR pinpic I.D.
    4. I view my list with the small pictures next to pin title.
    5. Start with your first pin. (in my case it is: 105 magic kingdom castle) open the pin info by clicking your pin.
    6. Scroll down to the Trade assistant area, and click on “what could I get for trading this pin?â€
    7. one of 2 things will happen: A~ you get a page that says sorry, nothing available right now. OR B~ you get a list of pins with little empty boxes next to them.
    8. Lets assume it was B…. ((answer to question’s 2 & 4)) it is up to you to decide which of the pins listed are pins you are willing to receive for the pin you are trading. It is also up to you to be fair in your TR’s. If you would not ask for a pin in person, due to it being lopsided, why would you send a request for it via email? A hidden mickey is NOT worth an LE100 DA pin. Do not check mark it.
    9. theres a spot at the bottom, before you send the request, that says comments. It is always a good idea to put a comment such as “counter offers welcome.†Or “please let me know if you would like to do a multi pin trade too!†It opens up a dialogue instead of a random blind request. This will increase your chances of response too!!!
    10. Repeat step 5-9 with all or most of your tradable pins.
    NOTE: the wonderful thing about internet is you can have multiple windows open. I always have a second pinpic window open to search and review pins by number to ensure it will be a fair request.

    ((answer to question 1)) A fair request is more likely to gain reply. A fair request also makes you look good. We all want to be fair traders, and have a reputation for fairness right? Sending TR’s daily is going to reduce the chances of reply. People get tired of seeing the same request’s filling their inbox over and over. I do this mass Request system about once a month.

    ((answer to question 5)) How to control who receives the requests:

    1. Once you are done sending requests for all the pins you plan to do that day,week,month… go back to “my pinpicsâ€
    2. Using the trade assistant area, click on the “view current pending trade requests.â€
    3. It will bring up a list of requests being sent by user name, email and number of pins being offered/requested.
    4. On rare occation you come across a person you do not wish to trade with… ever. This is your chance to delete the request being sent to them.
    5. You can also click on the request and get more detail, delete certain pins from the request etc…
    6. TR’s go out by auto send at about 3am PST daily.

    ((question number 3)) International trading…. Where to start? How about, YES YOU CAN!!!! The biggest thing to remember about international trading is shipping cost. It is NOT worth the time, effort or shipping cost to trade 1 pin. International trade should be for multiple pins. (should, but doesn’t have to be) I have 3 Picpic contacts that are international. And while I do not trade with them often, they are dependable and fair every time. Most of my international trading comes from here on DPF. And that’s the best place to start until you get comfortable with the process of packing, customs and shipping.

    ((question number 6)) Lets discuss Trade etiquette shall we????

    • Reply to as many received requests as possible. Even if it is a decline, even better. Counter offer!!! I am incredibly guilty of not replying lately, but my kids have had me running crazy. A reply opens dialogue, which can generate future trades.
    • Decline politely. You would not believe the declines I have seen! Be polite, be to the point. A simple, “I will pass at this time†is all you need. Do not try to lecture them about why it is an unfair trade, or tell them your life story.
    • Don’t reply in a rude manner when someone declines your TR. My favorite rude reply to my decline was: “You joking right? Why do you even have it up for trade if you say no to every pin I offer?!?!?†I no longer send them requests nor do i reply at all when the send me one.
    • Always, always, always, strive to be fair in your trade offers. I cannot stress this enough! A shark can be an internet trader just as easily as a park trader.
    • Generally, if you have not received a reply within about 3 days, it’s safe to say the requests are a no.
    • I try not to offer the pins I send in requests up in auctions for 3 days after I send my TR’s.. Hense why you see a few days every month where I do not bid.
    • A trade is not confirmed and set in stone until addresses are exchanged. Never forget this! I have had dialogue running with traders for days and then suddenly, nothing. And no addresses ever got exchanged.

    I hope this helps! Feel free to add notes or comments, as I can always edit andadd information.
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    bumped to the top. Grim, can you please sticky this like you did the last time? THANX!
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    Great post! Thanks for the tips. Especially having two windows open to bounce back and forth from. I didn't think of that.
  4. Boosmom

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    Thanks. This post helped a lot. I've got a lot of trade requests lately and I wasn't sure what to do. I was confused when I tried to figure it out using Pinpics. Thanks for explaining and making it easy.
  5. Psycho Pixie

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    You welcome! i am glad to help!
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    Thank you so much for this post. The tips help out a lot (newbie). I am kinda uneasy about trading on pinpics after loosing a pin but at some point I will get over it and Ill make sure to trade with someone who has good feedback.
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    Hi I am an old have in pins but have been out of the trade for some years now and the whole pin pics have just blossomed since I last saw it. I hope to share a lot of great experiences with all of you. Thank you.
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    wow this really helped me make some awesome trades!
  9. Poohs_hotstuff

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    You mentioned "counter-offer" which is always a good thought, but you might add the thought of looking up what you have that the other party might want and what they have that you might want, thus giving you a basis for perhaps constructing a multi-trade, being as fair as possible. To do this, I have always looked at their other traders and added more pins that might be considered as possibilities, then offered them all I had that were on their want list and asked them which of the choices of theirs that I had made, would they offer in return. Doesn't always work, but it leads to some interesting discussions and sometimes big or small trades, which are always better than single trades, both for mailing and for adding to your collection. :hsd:

    One other thing I have always done is to see how many pins they have, collection & traders to see if they appear to be new, and if they are, then try to pass along some of this type of advice (as well as some other lol) and make this a fun hobby for those trying to get into it. If they're not offering much, perhaps it is because they don't have much to trade. Don't dismiss the beginning trader because they have little to offer. Someday, they may have something from you grails and believe me, you'd rather have made a friend of them when they were starting out. :wiggle: Make it fun for everyone and everyone will definitely have fun, which is what it should be all about.
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    I love this! I'm fairly new, and don't have anything that could remotely be considered a grail yet, so I'm always nervous about looking like an idiot trading for my small stuff. It's nice to know that there are people rooting for me to build my collection (even if it's because they hope I'll have their grail someday:drool:)!
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    Great info, thanks! Wondering what size/type envelopes most people use, and whats a good price to pay either locally or online for them?

    Thanks again,

  12. LaLaLaaana

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    I usually buy the smallest size of the padded envelope ( I buy them at Target or Office Max) I like the ones with bubble wrap (especially the ones that are made from post consumer recycled plastic bottles. I always wrap the pin with extra bubble wrap too! I like my envelopes big enough to fit a Thank You card. For Valentine's all the pins I sent were wrapped in bubble wrapped and placed inside little red glitter chinese food boxes. :D I love getting crafty with it!

    I think at Target they have one for like .79 and four for like 2.50...Office Max has higher count packages so if you plan on doing a lot of trades I would look at office supply stores.

  13. kronos

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    Thanks Lana. Was looking on Amazon and saw a 100 pack for $5 and change. They were either 4x6 or 6x9 (was looking at both sizes). Was thinking 6x9 would work best in case I ever do "large" trades. Is this the size you use, or the smaller 4x6? Any other info much appreciated.
  14. Psycho Pixie

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    Uline sells size 0 bubble mailers, and rolls of bubble wrap for very very cheap. You can actually take a size 0 mailer and cut it in half. Still perfect size for a couple pins AND exactly the right size for a shipping sheet. I use full sized 0 bubble mailers for my international trades, but mostly I use cut down ones for US trades.
  15. kronos

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    Awesome, ill definitely look into that, hoping to be trading enough to use plenty of these. :)
  16. Poohs_hotstuff

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    The smallest size I've used is about a 4 x 8, which works just fine for smaller trades, but if you get bigger trades, you can always pick up a bigger size just about anywhere that sells envelopes and it doesn't hurt to take a look wherever you may be to check on their prices for the same. I found some very reasonable ones at a local dollar store and nearly cleaned them out...good thing too, as the store changed hands and their price more than doubled, lol. The 100 for $5 and change is a great deal...if they're bubble envelopes but it almost sounds too good to be true. I'd try a smaller order if they had it to see if they're what you're looking for. :drool:
  17. Ckuhrt91

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    Thanks for the great post!
  18. Disney Fan123

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    sweet this was very helpful thank you very much
  19. Psycho Pixie

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    Just an FYI, when pinpics changes over, if there are any changes to the TA TR process I WILL update this thread I promise!
  20. djmetters

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    Do many people actually reply? It seems many people do not bother to. I always reply even if the answer is no.
  21. lolainred

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    This is really helpful. I have sent a handful of trade requests on Pinpics and have yet to receive any kind of response. I was afraid I was doing something wrong, but I have been doing just as you have mentioned in this post so I have to assume the answer from those traders must be no. I do wish they would send a response even if the answer is no or that they have already traded that pin away. But I will find those pins I want eventually!
  22. Psycho Pixie

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    This needs a serious update since the pinpics upgrade occured....

    If anyone wishes to update it, just put your changes in a reply and I can update the O.P.
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    I still need to start a pinpics account
  24. Disneycollector4994

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    very helpful thanks :)
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    I don't know how to reply, that's my issue. Can someone help :)

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