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ISO ISO: D23 Expo Tickets for Friday &/or Saturday

ISO ISO: D23 Expo Tickets for Friday &/or Saturday


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Downey, California
Hi DPF Mouseketeers,

Now that D23 has Officially sent out emails regarding Badge Transfers, I thought this would be a good day to post that I'm interested in locating tickets for Friday And/Or Saturday. I do have a ticket for Sunday.

I'm even willing to help an individual who can't attend and needs help with pin or merch pick ups. For a Free or Reduced Ticket.

Thank you.

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I'm keeping to bump this up from time to time.

If any member knows of someone, as the expo weekend draws closer and closer, who needs to transfer a ticket, either by straight sale or to fine someone to help with a pick up because they can't attend, please, keep me in mind. Thank you

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