Zapped! I've been Pix-apped for my Birthday!!

Discussion in 'Pin Zaps & Swaps' started by MerlinEmrys, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. MerlinEmrys

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    First off, major apology for for taking so long to post a proper thank you thread! Life has been absolutely insane the last few weeks in the wizard household! But, allow me to recreat the scene.

    So there I was. Birthday week. Having a legit terrible time. PhD deadline breathing down my neck. Just finding out we are moving so all that stress. General glum-ness from all the crap I have on my to-do list. And I'm almost out of my "early thirties." Defo did not feel like celebrating.

    Well, Sara had other plans in mind! And made sure that I felt super loved on my special day despite all the other crappy stuff going on! So she sends me this crazy package! You guys know how she is...


    Two amazing box lunch pins that she refused to let me pay her for. An awesome Keychain which now adorns my own. Some scrumptious candy. A sweet card. AND A FREAKING LE 250 PIN FOR MY PIN-TIQUITIES COLLECTION! Just, you know, for funzies!! Nbd.

    Live footage of my reaction:


    Thank you so much Sara for making my birthday significantly better than it was. tend to have that effect on just about every day. <3


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  2. krand1276

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    @pixiepost is amazing at her zaps and those don't disappoint! Congrats!

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  3. MischiefMade

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    What an incredible Zap and I hope it turned your birthday in to a pixie dusted day!
  4. CCofRR13

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    Wow ~ Congrats!
  5. akarih

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    What a wonderful zap!

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  6. slbrabham

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  7. Connies_Hobby

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    It's moments in our life like this one that make this "hobby" more then a hobby.

    It shines light and love and the kindness of others on our spirit and soul.


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  8. Kerri780

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    Well deserved Zap! Looks like an awesome haul!
  9. theoucharis

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    Congrats on the wonderful zap and happy belated birthday!

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  10. SoraPandora

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    Merlin -

    You’re so welcome, as always! There’s no one who deserves a bit of the old zappity- zap more than you, my dear sir. I’m so glad I was able to brighten up an otherwise dreary day. Happy Belated Birthday!

    P.S. By the way, @PixiePost is no more on DPF. I’m @SoraPandora again! Sorry, I have identity issues. I’m still @Pixie.Post on IG though, as if I’m not confusing enough!

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  11. MerlinEmrys

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    At least now I can stop saying "SoraPan--I mean Pixie Post" when I mention you. XD

    Thank you muh dear. <3 you're seriously the best <3

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  12. Booger1964

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    Great zap! Congrats and a belated happy birthday wish to you!

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