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Discussion in 'Completed Zaps & Swaps' started by CanaDaLE, Oct 14, 2017.

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    Sorry I didn't post sooner, I received the first package with my mail after returning from holidays but have been super sick (who gets sick on vacation?) and trying to keep up with my sons new puppy. She's a handful, you seem to forget how much work they are and how sharp those baby teeth are once they get older. Her name is Athena.

    I still can't believe it, thank you all so much for picking me to be RAK'd. I love the time I can spend on the forum - sharing our love of all things DISNEY. Who knew that little pieces of metal would bring people such joy and happiness.

    1st package.
    I want to thank IMP - aka Isabel for the thoughtful gifts. She included a Chew for the dogs, some yummy Werther's candy, a beautiful Ariel pendant, a Piece of Disneyland History pin - Jungle Cruise and the most amazing Chip and Dale statue pin. I added it to my wants list but had never seen it before. It's a replica of the bronze Chip and Dale statue at Disneyland.

    2nd package
    I want to thank Disneychildwithin - aka Lucy for this beautiful box full of wonderful ness. I love the Disney store's 30th anniversary pins - Lightning McQueen and Stitch (we gave a Disney statue that matches this pin), a beautiful Snow White with Dopey pin, a Lotso Tsum Tsum, a Disney Princess pocket tissues and a Dale Tsum Tsum vinyl figure - he's just so precious (I find myself saying this with a Gollum voice in my head)

    3rd Package
    I want to thank Sorapandora - aka Sara for my little red envelope full of Halloween goodies (where did you find red bubble envelopes?). Inside were some pretty darn cute Chip & Dale stickers, a Halloween sticker book, a Halloween puzzle and mini notebook, a package of ghostly gummies, a package of Halloween mix Jelly Belly's and the cutest Chip and Dale pin.

    Again I can't thank you enough for all your thought gifts. They will be treasured and eaten promptly now that pictures are out of the way.

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  2. SoraPandora

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    Congratulations, Tina! Sorry you were feeling poorly, but glad you’re better now!

    P.S. Athena is a BEAUTIFUL puppy!

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  3. Disneychildwithin

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    So glad your package arrived safely and that you like your gifts. Wish I'd known about Athena, she's so cute! Hope you're feeling better, I know I sent tissues but I didn't want you to actually need them! .

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    Congratulations on the RAK! Your puppy is the absolute cutest :lol:
  5. jazzytrumpet

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    CONGRATS on the RAK!
  6. watzshakinbacon

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    Congrats on the zap!! Athena is a cutie!! Hope the zaps help you feel a bit better too :p getting sick on vacation is the worst.
  7. mickeymousje

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    Congrats on the rak! Hope you feel better soon! Love your new puppy :D
  8. Ajk

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    Wat a cute puppy! And lots of great stuff. Congrats!
  9. Shelterkat

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  10. MerlinEmrys

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    Congrats! :D And adorable pupper is adorable!
  11. Sami

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    Congrats on the RAK!! Sorry to hear you were sick on your vacations, hope you're feeling much better now. Athena is adorable, love doggies!

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