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Discussion in 'Pin Comparison' started by cadien, Apr 25, 2018.

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    I've received an offer on PinPics from a user actually in France that includes a PTN pin that I'd love to have. But it's a character that has about 500 $0.99 postings on eBay shipping from Hong Kong. (Maid Marion) I know the general scrapper indicators for stateside pins, but what about those in particular? Anything to look out for when requesting photos?

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    One of the ways I look for authenticity on PTN pins is by them being on their original card which should also have the matching bar code and name of the character for the pin. I don't know the scrapper differences for the Maid Marion pin though.
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    Yes, that is one of the ones you need to be careful of. The fact that the person is in France is a good sign, though. Does the person have a lot of PTN pins on their pinpics? Do they have ones from the same era as Marian? Those could all be indicators that they have legit pins.

    Ask for a good clear photo of the back. I believe that for this one, one of the signs of a scrapper is a missing serial number on the back (I *think.* I don't remember this for sure).

    Also ask for a good clear photo of the front.
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    Her eyes are also usually a dead giveaway too IMO
    The real one her eyes look "normal"?
    The Scrapper she has this buggy eyed O_O look
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