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    Disney Auction Pins...what are they? Many years ago, Disney had a partnership with Ebay and sold some LE pins there. It was essentially a little storefront on Ebay called Disney Auctions.

    Where do they come from? See above answer.

    How do you get them? Trade or buy second hand. The partnership and sale of pins by Disney on eBay ended quite a while ago.

    Why are they so gosh darn expensive? A lot of the same reasons Acme or WDI are expensive, as well as some others: A) You can't get them first hand any longer. B) They are old pins (like 15 years) so vast majority are in forever homes. C) They are low LE (like 100). D) They tend to be larger and more attractive than many other pins. E) They were fairly pricey to begin with.
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