Sold/Ended: Pre-Trade for potential WDI Megara Profile

Discussion in 'Completed Pin Trades' started by MerlinEmrys, Feb 20, 2018.

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    With the second Heroine wave drop today, and seeing the madness it has caused on FB and other pin venues (or pinues, if you will), I am thoroughly disenchanted with the prospect of having to enter the throng once the Megara profile drops, assuming that it will drop in the next wave.

    So I wanted to check here and see if there are any CMs with MOG access who are moderately confident that they can snag the pin on drop day, as it's not looking like these last long beyond that. You don't have to out yourself, just shoot a PM ;P And of course, it's all tentative. Who knows where we might be next month, hahah! But I wanted to go ahead and give it a shot.

    I am looking for the potential WDI Megara Profile, and as far as I know, that will be the only one from the series I will need. Assuming, again, that she's in the next wave.

    You're welcome to peruse my traders, but here are some highlights:

    Pin 123879 DSSH – Villain Pin Trading Event – Dark Tales Set #3 – Jafar
    Pin 119029 DSSH - Moana - Mauis Tattoo
    Pin 119028 DSSH - Moana - Maui and Sun
    Pin 107753 Be My Villaintine Mystery Collection - Ursula ONLY
    Pin 64591 - Magical Mystery Pin Set (Merlin Only)

    Depending on who it is and what the collection is, I may be able to shake something lose from my personal stash. Maybe.

    If you're only looking to sell, you're welcome to shoot me a price. But I can promise I won't break my bank, what little of one I have. Which is why I'd much rather trade. :)

    So, shoot me a PM and let's see where the conversation goes. :3 Thanks for checking! <3

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    A wee bump :)

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