PTN Goers, Check Your Emails

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by chubs191, Nov 14, 2019.

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    I missed both of the periods where low LEs were available outside of PTNs and DSF

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    First, as an aside note, be VERY grateful you missed the madness that was DA and DA P.I.N.S. releases. While I miss the amazing quality of those pins, I most definitely do NOT miss the twice weekly sign ins and wearing out my F5 key until the pins showed up (not to mention the subsequent credit card statement at the end of the month). Disney Auctions and DA P.I.N.S. pins were previewed at PTNs and events, so we had a general idea of what was coming down the pipeline, but we never knew when. We never knew what was coming out any particular day or week; we just knew new pins were going to be released at the pre-arranged days and times so we had better be signed in at our computers and ready.

    Fast forwarding to the days ... now that you mention it, I do remember a 'pin detectives' were able to figure out which pins were going to be released each week. To this day, I still have no idea whether it was through skilled code investigation or insider assistance. I also remember the late night chats waiting for those pins to finally make their grand appearance. The key thing is that we KNEW that pins would be released every Sunday at approximately midnight PST/3.00 am EST, unless they were running late. Even if people didn't know WHAT was coming out, they knew pins WOULD be coming out.

    My concern is this: if comes back with quarterly-or-holiday releases (but the dates aren't announced), how successful will it be if people don't know when they're coming out? A surprise release likely will have a poor response, leading Disney to think that people aren't interested in pins - when in actuality, if people knew in advance, the pins very well might have sold out the night of release. While my credit card would rather not bring back pins, my pin collection would much prefer a return to regular or semi-regular pin releases (scheduled so people know when they are). I think that if the pins are well-designed and of a good quality, they'll sell out quickly - and fill a badly-needed void in trading by making desirable pins accessible to people who don't live near a park.
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    Only if they were severely better about quality control...
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    I can see that.

    The funny thing is...there's two very easy solutions to that problem, but Disney will never do them.

    The first is to create a "pin release" e-mail list, where you can sign up for info on upcoming releases, pics of the pins, etc.

    The second would require a slight change- instead of doing quarterly (or weekly), do monthly, and set a day of the month to release. So first Saturday or the month, or something. Like the old PTNs.

    Heck, in general, they could use a "collectibles" page on their site that says all the info on the upcoming releases, like edition sizes, release dates (and procedures, if needed), etc. The dolls have certainly needed something like that for a while. You could just make it an all-in-one page.

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