Zapped! So many zaps!! From: Rif-raf, Addicted to Alice, Shelterkat, SoraPandora, and Ajk!!

Discussion in 'Completed Zaps & Swaps' started by MerlinEmrys, Dec 6, 2017.

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    So, first off, an apology! I've had these wonderful gifts for a while now and I've only just now had the headspace to do a really good write up. Only one more say of grading! But these little gifts have been keeping me going for quite a while!

    So, here we go!

    First up is Rif-raf! He won my EPCOT auction a bit ago and we were both finally able to a connect to get the respective packages sent out! Along with the great auction bid, he sent me this nice DLR 60th anniversary pin! Thanks so much! It's so sparkly!!!


    Next up is the ever lovely Addicted to Alice Pins! Ann treated me and Russ to her delightful company and an incredible meal at WDW a bit ago! And, after a rousing conversation where I TRIED to explain that she needed a gift as thanks, she was not one to be outdone. So over Thanksgiving she sneakily sent along these two adorable gifts!! Those Aladdin plush are too precious for this world... And that Cogsworth!! I was literally looking at it the week before at Disney Springs and contemplating it as a Christmas gift to myself. But now I have it! And it will go to my office at school and my students will all go AWWWWW and forget that they were trying to weasel out extra credit. So thank you, Ann! You have helped in more ways than you'll ever know. XD


    Next we have some in person zaps from the absolute excellent Shelterkat!! She invited me along for lunch at Be Our Guest where we sat for over two hours and just had a ball(room). In between mouthfuls of scrumptious lunch and swapping pickup war stories, she zapped me these two amazing pins! I've always wanted this Jafar calendar, but wanted to see one in person before I took the plunge. But thanks to Dawn, I got to do both over a Grey Stuff Cupcake!! She also zapped me the Gemini CnD pin! I had this whole set once upon a time, but gave it up for space reasons and regretted not keeping Gemini (my sign). So now it's back! :D Thank you Dawn! The only thing better than these zaps was your excellent company and a total empty BoG for pictures. Hahah!


    Next up is SoraPandora. Oh my goodness where do I even start! First, Sara is always WAAAAAY too good to me! But this package is something else... There are so many goodies!! We've got a Lemony Snicket sayings book, a very nice blank notebook, a reading light, a Meow-lin air freshener (I cannot even...........), some Christmas goodies (including a notepad which we sorely needed having just emptied the other one she sent us hahahah!), an awesome "Read More" lapel pin a Wall-E windup toy which rolls around and makes precious Wall-E noises, and the most epic Lamp toy I've ever seen! Twisting the bottom makes Genie pop out of the lid! It's so crazy awesome and I love everything in here. Wugh. You're way too good to me. Thank you so much! Oh, and Russ has already stolen that candle. XD


    Finally, Ajk and I agreed on some Genie Mystery swaps so he can finish up his set and he was kind enough to send me an extra Tailor pin AND the Donald mystery pin from LiaA (with which I promptly got a trade request for Cinderella reading a book pin that I've been after forever! So I say you zapped me that too! :D)


    You guys sure know how to make a wizard feel loved! <3 this forum is full of so many amazing people and it means the world that you took time (and money!) to send me such touching gifts. :3 I love you all!!

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    How awesome!!! Only the best for the best! Congrats to you ~ you deserve all the love and more...
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    Congrats on all the zaps!!!

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    So many goodies!! Congrats!!

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    Congrats!! Tis the season!
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    Congrats on all the beautiful zaps! You deserve them and so many more! :D
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    Congrats, Merlin. Thanks for all that you do for so many.

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    Congrats Merlin. :)
  10. Shelterkat

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    Very well deserved! Thank you for all you do for the pin community!

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