What kind of feedback should I leave??

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    Confused or concerned about what kind of feedback to leave, or if you should leave feedback at all? Well, we're here to help!

    First of all, leaving feedback using the iTrader system here on DPF is crucial for a successful community and feedback of some sort should be left for ALL trades, sales, and trade auctions from both sides of the party. You should never feel like you will be punished by staff or other members for leaving neutral or negative feedback. Just because someone you dealt with is highly involved on the forums, has lots of friends on the boards, or even is a staff member, does not, and should not give them a pass to proper feedback.

    I've found that feedback has been somewhat subjective, so I hope the following will act as a guide to help those that need help deciding on what type of feedback to provide. Feedback is still somewhat subjective regardless, so this should be used solely as a guide.

    Positive: Positive feedback should be used when you are personally pleased with the results of your transaction. Communication was smooth and easy, shipping was quick, and the pin/transaction is in the condition agreed upon. Problems ranged from none to very little.

    Neutral: Neutral covers a very large spectrum of transactions and should be used, for example, when in the end both members received their pins, but there were moderate to many problems with the transaction. These could be communication issues, or excessive shipping delays. Excessive shipping delays is commonly defined as being in excess of 4+ weeks for domestic shipments under normal conditions. International shipments may vary. In the end, neutral feedback should be used when you were not happy with the transaction, but in the end, you finally received the pin, your money back, or your original pin back.

    Negative: Negative should be used only when a situation has not been resolved. A moderator or other DPF staff should always be contacted before negative feedback is left. We may be able to help. Negative feedback, simply, should be left only when a resolution cannot be made.

    I hope this helps some of you in making those feedback decisions. Please let any DPF staff know if you have any questions. Thanks!!

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