Your favorite 2019 Pin pickups/hauls?

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by SnoozyBluez, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. SnoozyBluez

    SnoozyBluez New Member

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    2019 is wrapping up quickly and has been my biggest haul year.

    Going to take it a little slow and focus on completing some mystery sets this winter.

    What were your pickups/hauls this year?

    Any hopes or guesses for releases next year
  2. pincrazy

    pincrazy Well-Known Member

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    Can't believe 2019 is coming to an end, and it's been an unexpected fun crazy pin year:p more about meeting, talking, trading with new/old pin friends!

    The pickups were either interesting and unpredictable, although always entertaining:stitch:(however Jack Window was frustrating) Just when I thought i had a clue, traders always amaze me, along with Disney's ideas of design and the hobby.

    Sad for the last year of Docfish's get together, will miss the amazing people that would always make time to attend.

    Always looking forward to what the New Year has in store, the new Series and designs:)
    But Another Window Series?:( or if Evil Queen is a closure to the series ....the mystery awaits

    New hopes/wishes?
    How about some STITCH
    with DUCKLINGS PLEASE!! :stitch:
    Paris has gotten so many:p
    Any new pins that have amazing artwork, better quality would be nice, and new mystery sets :p
    Hope we survive the anticipation!
    Happy Pin Year 2020:stitch:
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  3. akarih

    akarih Resident "Young Person"

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    It's been a slow year for pickups for me(I only started collecting last November though so not much to compare it to) mainly because my pin budget is rather low. I got the Tiana storybook pin, a box of the Lion King anniversary mystery set, and a few other pins but I've been focusing on building up my collection rather than keeping up with releases. I'm extremely low on LE traders though right now so I'm thinking the next few months will be slow trading-wise. I'm hoping next year for some new mystery bags because I just love the five pin bags out right now. December will mean a lot of Tiana pins because of the anniversary so I'll probably spend a while catching up on that. I'm mainly hoping for some cool new monthly series.
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  4. pincrazy

    pincrazy Well-Known Member

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    Happy 1st Anniversary!:p
    Sounds like you're in it for a couple more years:stitch:
    Pin budget :p that's always tough, but hang in there, before you know it you'll have an Amazing Collection, you'll be so proud. It's the explaining to non-collectors/traders what your doing. Always enjoy explaining why the long line to people as they're amazed or worried they need too also :p
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  5. CoryTheRaven

    CoryTheRaven Member

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    I picked up the Disney Store Little Mermaid "Under the Sea" anniversary set last month... It was the first time I've bought Disney pins in a couple YEARS. I was even on the fence about buying it, but it fits so well with my set of Mickey and co. in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea diving suits (with the Nautilus) that, in the end, I couldn't resist. Makes for a nice little diorama :)

    I would have bought the Box Lunch Fantasia pins if they made it to my neck of the woods, but alas. We only have Hot Topic up here in my part of the Great White North, which only carries a limited selection of the pins. Never saw 'em.
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  6. SnoozyBluez

    SnoozyBluez New Member

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    I am also hoping for some new mystery bags!
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