Open Game: DPF 10th Anniversary Giveaway - Bonus Giveaway #1

Discussion in 'Pin Games' started by maiarebecca, Jul 17, 2020.

  1. maiarebecca

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    It’s Bonus Giveaway Time! Happy 10th anniversary DPF!!! Let's celebrate 10 years of being the best pin community on the net!!!

    The Rules to enter are simple.
    1. Must be a member of the DPF
    2. Must be willing to send me your address to ship the prize to you

    How to enter:

    Many of you know that I am a sucker for a good (or terrible!) joke, so to enter, put your skipper hat on and tell me the best joke you can think of! Disney themed jokes are always welcome but not required! Just drop a joke as a comment in this thread and you’re entered to win! (Feel free to edit your post and add as many jokes to it as you want, but only one entry per person)


    There will be one GRAND PRIZE winner and THREE RUNNER UP winners. There are multiple winners simply because it is fun to win stuff - and more winners equals more fun! Since this is a bonus giveaway, a win here doesn’t count as a win in a DPF giveaway!

    A moderator will run a random generator to select the four winners (#1 is grand prize and #2-4 are runners up!)

    The Grand Prize winner will have the choice of one pin from the grand prize photo below. In addition, since everyone loves surprises (well, at least I do!), there will be other fun goodies added to your package!

    The runners up get to choose (first #2, then #3, then #4) one pin from the runner up prizes in the photo below.


    If you’d like to leave a joke, but don’t want to enter the drawing, that’s okay! Just let me know!

    The game will end at 3PM PST/6PM EST on Friday July 24

    @starry_solo @Ksnuggles: Do you need to save a spot for the randomized?

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  2. maiarebecca

    maiarebecca Well-Known Member

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    Pinpics numbers of Grand Prize:

    Pin 27538 Disney Auctions (P.I.N.S.) - Cheshire Cat In Bed

    Pin 100781 WDW - Imagination Gala - Most Magical Transformations - Ariel ONLY

    Pin 127022 DSSH - Pin Trader's Delight - Maleficent

    Pin 102505 WDI - Princess Plaque Pin - Mulan

    Stitch And Ángel - DSSH Loveliest Event - not on pinpics

    Pin 135013 WDI - Father's Day 2019 - Prince Phillip

    Pin 136037 D23 Expo 2019 - DSSH - Heroines Fight Back - Vanellope

    Pin 110841 WDI Exclusive - Stained Glass - Disneyland Attraction - Pirates of the Caribbean

    Zootopia - DEC Holiday Shopping - not on pinpics

    Pinpics numbers of Runner Up:

    Pin 27259 Disney Auctions (P.I.N.S.) - Dopey with Presents

    Pin 126560 Essence of Evil - All Ways Are My Way - Queen of Hearts

    Pin 122358 Essence of Evil - Malevolent - Hades

    Pin 135274 DLR - Windows Of Magic - Aladdin

    Pin 139759 DS - Lady and the Tramp Family Portrait

    Pin 134867 DLP - Grinning Simba

    Pin 126061 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 80th Anniversary - Happily Ever After

    Big Hero 6 - not on pinpics

    Pin 130009 WDW - Animation Celebration 2018 Event – Lenticular Peter Pan
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  3. maiarebecca

    maiarebecca Well-Known Member

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  4. maiarebecca

    maiarebecca Well-Known Member

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  5. goofyfordonald

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    Dad jokes!

    Disney themed:
    What’s black and white and green all over?
    Peter Panda

    Regular Joke:
    Why does a chicken coop have 2 doors?
    Because if it had 4 doors, it would be a chicken sedan.

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  6. Ajk

    Ajk Consider home...

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    Oh man. A joke that I can post here. That will be tough. Needs to be something that is funny when read, not acted out. And fairly short. And CLEAN! Yikes. Going to have to give that some thought. I'll be back.
  7. Spr175psu

    Spr175psu Well-Known Member

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    I'll start off with this one:

    What did the janitor say when he jumped out of the closet? SUPPLIES!

    My daughter is working on a joke now so I'll have to edit this post when it's ready. Please note, it needs some work...
  8. theoucharis

    theoucharis Well-Known Member

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    I'm not the best at jokes, but I will give it a shot.

    Why should you never give Elsa a balloon? Because she will Let It Go.

    And why is Gaston the most peaceful of the Disney villains?
    Because he won the No-Belle prize.

    Why are ghosts bad liars?
    Because you can see right through them.

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  9. MischiefMade

    MischiefMade Ghost Dog Trainer

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    Oh how fun! I love a good pun!

    My Disney themed joke:
    Why can't Captain Hook catch Peter Pan?
    He Never Lands!

    My favourite pun/My Dad's favourite joke of all time:
    Do you know why I like cows?
    They're outstanding in their field

    An Addition:

    What is the difference between a Fish, a Piano, and a Pot of Glue?
    You can tune a Piano, but you can't Tuna Fish.
    But what about the glue you ask?
    I knew you would get stuck on that!

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  10. CanaDaLE

    CanaDaLE Well-Known Member

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    Why would Snow White make a good judge?

    ** Because she's the fairest one of all**
  11. FoolishMortal71

    FoolishMortal71 Well-Known Member

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    Which Disney Princess do cows love most?


    (I know, that was udderly terrible!)
  12. brattyjedi

    brattyjedi Well-Known Member

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    Disney Pun
    Who in the Disney world is the most surprising genius?
    Gaston. He's actually a winner of a No Belle Prize!

    Edit: Awww... I just saw a variation of the Gaston and No Belle Prize is already above. Sorry. Must have overlapped in typing as I was bouncing multiple screens.

    Non-Disney Pun
    Warning: I'm a political historian and this is my favorite pun of all time but it is VERY nerdy
    Why will a true Marxist only drink herbal teas?
    Because proper tea is theft.
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  13. bcol

    bcol "They call me Bruce" ....and mupins

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    Where does Captain Hook go to get his hook replaced?
    The second-hand store!
    I was drawing a complete blank, which is unfortunately not that unusual for me and had to google Disney Jokes. Forgive me.
  14. SoraPandora

    SoraPandora Figaro Fan >^..^<

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    Disney joke:
    Who’s the funniest Disney princess?



    Regular joke:
    What do you get if you cross an angry sheep and a moody cow?
    An animal that’s in a baaaaaaaad moooooood!



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  15. watzshakinbacon

    watzshakinbacon B for Belle or B for bacon?

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    Hi everyone!! Long time no see

    Q: Who can count the best?

    A: Buzz! Because he can count to infinity and beyond!!

    Ok I just thought of this one based on a meme I saw the other day..

    Q: What did Moana say after she had her morning coffee?

    A: I need to take a pua!


    Meme for reference

  16. Booger1964

    Booger1964 Well-Known Member

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    Okay, here's mine:

    A man goes to visit his grandfather for the weekend. After each meal, the grandson offers to help his grandfather with the dishes, but his grandfather always turns him down saying cold water will take care of it. At the end of the weekend, a big retriever runs in the house and the grandson asks "Who's that grandpa?" and grandpa replies "Oh, that's Cold Water".
  17. Ajk

    Ajk Consider home...

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    Okay, I definitely had to research to find a usable one:

    How did Minnie save Mickey from drowning?
    Mouse to Mouse resucitation.

  18. bingandnelsonfan

    bingandnelsonfan Active Member

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    Okay, this isn't a Disney joke, but it's stuck in my mind. I read this in a Reader's Digest at a doctor's waiting room probably twenty years ago and never forgotten it.

    When Beethoven passed away, he was buried in a churchyard. A couple days later, the town drunk was walking through the cemetery and heard some strange noise coming from the area where Beethoven was buried. Terrified, the drunk ran and got the priest to come and listen to it. The priest bent close to the grave and heard some faint, unrecognizable music coming from the grave. Frightened, the priest ran and got the town magistrate.

    When the magistrate arrived, he bent his ear to the grave, listened for a moment, and said, "Ah, yes, that's Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, being played backwards."

    He listened a while longer, and said, "There's the Eighth Symphony, and it's backwards, too. Most puzzling." So the magistrate kept listening; "There's the Seventh... the Sixth... the Fifth..."

    Suddenly the realization of what was happening dawned on the magistrate; he stood up and announced to the crowd that had gathered in the cemetery, "My fellow citizens, there's nothing to worry about. It's just Beethoven decomposing."
  19. TonkaToy

    TonkaToy Scrapper Spotter!

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    The Jungle Cruise and all it's cheesy one at the Skipper Canteen and you'll get a lot more! I love that restaurant.
    When I signed my bill, next to the tip line I wrote to my server: "Josh, you ROCK...the boat."
    Throw it back at ya Disney Skippers!

    Non-Disney Joke:

    A salesman is driving through a Southern town at Christmas time. It's near the end of his day, and he is looking for a hotel for the night.
    As he goes through main street, he sees a nativity scene in front of a church.
    All the wise men are wearing firefighter hats. He thinks, well, that is kind of strange, and proceeds to a nearby hotel.
    As he is checking in, he is making small talk with the clerk and remembers the nativity scene. So he asks, "Why are the three wise men wearing firefighter hats over at the church?"
    The clerk replies, "oh, well obviously, it's because they've come from A FAR."
  20. coblj003

    coblj003 DPF Charter Member DPF Correspondent

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    It's inappropriate to make a 'dad joke' if you're not a dad. It's a faux pa...
  21. maiarebecca

    maiarebecca Well-Known Member

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    LMAO!!! It took me a minute but I love it!!

    You guys have me cracking up all morning!!!!! Keep 'em coming!
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  22. Pecosace

    Pecosace Well-Known Member

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    What did the farmer say when he saw the same cow twice in one day?

    What do cowboys use to do math?
    A cacti-lator.

    What do you call the weather when it’s raining cupcakes?

    I saw a leaf on the ground and went to the tree and said “excuse me, you dropped this.”

    First two jokes I made up when I was a kid, third one is my friends joke that I thought was hilarious, and last one was my girlfriends which I thought was very clever. This is such a great challenge, I love jokes!
  23. stratasfan

    stratasfan Well-Known Member

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    OK . . . got this from a friend a few weeks ago (you can see our life seems to revolve around hospitals at times these days!) . . .

    Why do nurses use red pens?

    *Because they draw blood*
  24. timeerkat

    timeerkat Your Friend Who Likes To Play

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  25. timeerkat

    timeerkat Your Friend Who Likes To Play

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    What do you get when you cross a rhinoceros and an elephant?

    What is the difference between a hippo and a Zippo?
    One's heavy, and one's a little lighter.

    Whats the difference between a nicely dressed person on a unicycle and a poorly dressed person on a bicycle?
    A tire

    What goes 99, thump. 99, thump, 99, thump?
    A centipede with a wooden leg.

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